School Craft Stall

school craft stall

We had the country fair on the weekend and the school craft stall. I don’t think I realised how much work was involved when I put my hand up back in April. Last week was so busy finishing off crafts and then all of Friday was spent decorating and setting up the 8 tables of craft and then all day Saturday pricing it. The day of the fair was a hot 35 degrees so by the end of it all all I wanted to do was relax by the cool of our pool.

It was a fantastic day though and everyone got into the spirit of the event. It was really lovely to see the school celebrating together with families present and past. The principal and lots of the teachers were very appreciative of the efforts we made which was lovely. The golden moment for me though was when a year 5 girl (that I didn’t even know) was helping me carry some of the items I’d made for the stall up to the school and said to me “wow, did you make all of this? You’ve done such a great job.” For me that was my feel good moment and made it all worthwhile.

octopus out of socks

I thought I’d share some of the other items I made in case you ever put your hand up to run a school craft stall and need some ideas.

These octopuses were very easy to make just using a cheap pack of 4 pairs of socks and stuffing the toes of them, then tying a ribbon around the head and cutting up the length of the sock to the ribbon to make the tentacles. Sew on some button eyes and you’re done.

bunting for craft stall

The buntings sold really well. I heard someone say to her friend who was buying one “but you could make these” and she said “yeah probably” but she was happy to buy them ready made. If there was more time, finances and help I was thinking of packaging up some triangles and bias binding as a kit with instructions for people to purchase and make themselves.

spots and stripes bunting

I think the fact that I had my buntings hanging up as decorations helped with the sales of the buntings. They weren’t too long with around 11 triangles for each bunting.

self covered button hairbands

Button hair bands in different colours and some with school uniform fabric as well (I love using old school uniforms to make matching hair accessories for school).

button hair elastics

I purchased the supplies for these on eBay. Just be sure to get hair elastics that are thin enough to thread through the back loop of the button. The cardboard accessory holders were also from eBay and made them so much easier to display on a stand.

christmas felt pencil toppers

At the 11th hour my mum helped me make some pencil toppers. The pencils I wanted were hard to find in the shops so I resorted to online but they took a while to arrive (i.e. 3 days before the fair). We decided to hand sew all the beads on instead of glue them which took quite a bit of time. Thanks to Mel from One Crafty Mumma for this fete idea and pattern for the christmas trees and cars below.

car felt pencil toppers

Cute hey? I think they’d also be great for party favours made in the party theme.

terry toweling and cotton bibs

Terry Towelling bibs are one of my signature items so I made a few of my fruit and food design bibs to sell at the craft stall.

fruit bibs

Unfortunately there were not too many mums with babies there so I didn’t sell many so I might just have to open up my Etsy store again to sell these.

watermelon baby bib

I do like to have a stash at home as ready made gifts for friends who are having babies too so I don’t mind so much that they didn’t all sell.

homemade baby bibs

Yes I did make a few of them!

The kids made friendship bracelets, tin can pencil holders, wind chimes, handmade soaps and pet rocks for the stall during their art lessons. There were also some really lovely crafts made by other mums and even grandmother’s of the school including dolls in school uniforms, candles, scarfs, booties, button rings, gift cards, aprons but the best seller of the day were the tea towels!

It felt great to be helping out the school and it really was a great day but I am also glad it is over and I can get back to crafting what I want and not thinking about the stall and what I should be doing for it. Until next time of course!  haha


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