Tweed Crochet Pouches

pretty tweed pouches

Sorry if I’ve been a bit quiet lately but I have been madly trying to finish as many craft items to sell at the school craft stall I am running this weekend. Yes this weekend! I had to tidy my sewing room and realistically think about what I was going to finish in time.

Debbie Bliss Donega luxury tweed chunky

This tweed by Debbie Bliss was purchased quite a while ago online and was waiting in my stash for the right project and in the end I decided to use it to make some tweed crochet pouches with a little button closure.

Tweed Crochet Pouches

I crocheted a rectangle with a triangle on top to create an envelope type shape and then single crocheted around the outer edge to neaten it.

lined tweed pouches

To enable them to hold makeup or smaller items I decided to line them with co-ordinating fabric. One with some Michael Miller fairy frost (love this versatile fabric used previously herehere and here) and the other a cute lavender floral fabric. After lining them by simply sewing on the fabric which had the edges turned under I then joined the sides and added a button hole to the flap and button to the front to help hold the contents inside.

Moda Vera Helsinki

This Moda Vera Helsinki tweed looking bulky yarn purchased from Spotlight was great for pencil cases etc as it hooks up so quickly being thick and was super cheap.

single crochet rectangle

Using just one ball I once again crocheted a rectangle but left the triangle shaped top off so that I could turn these into pencil cases.

Crochet tweed pouches

Leaving long tails at the start and finish you can then use them to sew up the sides with a darning needle.

crochet tweed pencil cases

Using my snap machine I went the quick option and added 3 snaps to the top opening to make them into pencil cases. Time was of the essence and I didn’t have the right zip for the job without going to the shops again.

These are a sweet, quick and easy project for a school craft stall that I hope someone likes and buys them from me this weekend. I’m trying to gather together a big post with more pictures and details of the table full of craft that I have made for the stall and share some of the other fabulous things others have made for the stall as well. The table is currently gracing my loungeroom so I’m sure hubby will be happy when I finally pack it away tomorrow to start setting everything up at the school.

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