Ice-Cream Cupcakes

icecream cupcakes

For Giselle’s birthday last week she wanted to take cupcakes to school to share with her class for her birthday. I’d never made ice-cream cupcakes before and though they would be fun to share with her class.

baking cupcakes in ice-cream cones

Using a muffin tray to hold the ice-cream cones up straight and in line I placed the cupcake mixture into the cones so that it was nearly level to the top. You want to have a nice “ice-cream scoop” of cake coming out the top of the cone so that it looks similar to real ice-cream. Admittedly I didn’t fill the first batch up to the top enough thinking they would rise more but when they didn’t I quickly made a second batch that looked much better.

cupcakes for school

Using all the extra batter to fill the cones up more meant that I ran out of mixture to make the 20 cupcakes needed for her class so I made a third batch to have enough!

ice-cream cupcakes

To make the “Ice Magic” looking chocolate on top I mixed up some royal icing into a nice chocolate brown colour and then piped blobs on top. They would have looked cute finished with a flake chocolate on the side but I wasn’t about to buy 20 flake chocolates! Instead I just used some sprinkles on the top of the icing while it was still wet so that they stuck on.

cupcake ice-cream

I’ve seen on the internet that some people put the cupcake batter in a small muffin tray and then stick the cone on top so that when it cooks it rises up inside the cone. I prefer to do it the other way and then the whole cone is filled with cake and they are less likely to topple over.

yummy ice-cream cupcakes

So I was all organised with 20 perfect ice-cream cupcakes ready for school the next day but whilst tidying up the kitchen from the big mess of making three batches Giselle woke up with a terrible stomach bug and the rest of my night was spent looking after her. Needless to say she wasn’t well enough for school the next day and didn’t get to take them into school! Poor darling was still sick for her birthday on the Saturday and eating cupcakes was the last thing she felt like doing! They don’t keep very long as the cones get soggy even when you have them in an airtight container. So a big waste of time but how was I to know she’d get sick and not be going to school. I held off making a big family birthday cake as well so that didn’t get wasted too.

On a brighter note does anyone remember the Cottee’s Ice Magic TV ad from the 80’s? “Choc ices, choc ices.” We always say that now when we have an icecream cone with chocolate on top as my Dad actually made that ad. My Dad was a Creative Director of an advertising agency and growing up we got to taste test some Ice Magic before it was on the shelves. Streets Icecream was another one of their clients and I’ll never forget some of the yummy experimental icecream flavours he came home with. YUM.

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