One Day Young Newborn Babies

T one day young

I love this post with such beautiful pictures of one day young newborn babies and their mums. If you haven’t seen it I’d recommend that you take a look. It was shared around the internet last week and having two of my childrens birthdays this month it prompted me to take a trip down memory lane and look at their birth photos. It got me thinking about my one day young photos with my 4 kids and I thought I’d share them with you here. It’s facinating to see the difference in the photos with the varied types of births I had.

This is my first daughter and my first hospital birth. The look on my face is one of tired excitement. Fear of the unknown prompted me to have my most medicalised birth of the four. Don’t get me wrong it was still a beautiful birth as our darling daughter was born happy and healthy but I panicked and went to hospital too soon and seeing as we lived a fair way away from the hospital I didn’t want to go back home and not make it back in time so ended up having some drugs which lead to more drugs which lead to an epidural and I don’t remember as much of the birth as I would like to.

G one day young

With time came knowledge and for my second birth I knew I wanted to keep things more natural so employed a doula to assist. My second daughter was born naturally (no drugs) in hospital after labouring at home for a long time first and she was a huge 10 pound 11 oz. The problem was that the hospital I went to was undergoing renovations at the time and it was a very busy night for the hospital and they just couldn’t cope. They rushed me to deliver my placenta but when it didn’t happen in their time frame (they gave me 1/2 an hour!!) they rushed me off to theatre to have it manually removed. My husband held our newborn baby in his arms for several hours whilst I was in theatre and they told him I might die. Lovely stuff! To top it off they gave me a blood transfusion and I was allergic to the blood and puffed up like a balloon hence my very puffy one day old photo.

C one day young

What a contrast this photo is with my one day old third daughter after her beautiful home waterbirth. I felt fresh, relaxed and at home. It was still a long labour but being at home with the ones I knew and cared for me really made a difference. My lovely doula was present again and I also employed an independent midwife who I’d built a relationship with over the previous 9 months.

Z one day young

My last birth was just as amazing as the last one with another home waterbirth but after three gorgeous daughters we were totally blessed with our first son. He was brought into the world as lovingly and peacefully as he was made.

The doula I had at the last two births was now a qualified independent midwife so she was there for us again this time and a true friend who I felt very comfortable with and trusted completely.

Four very different experiences and I know which ones I preferred.  How did you feel when your baby was one day old? Shattered, sleepy or alive with the buzz of having a newborn baby?

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