Sewing With Preschool Children

sewing with preschool children

My daughter’s preschool asked me if I’d like to do a sewing demonstration / lesson at the preschool and I jumped at the chance to sewing with preschool children. I really enjoy sharing the crafty love with kids and was looking forward to seeing my daughter with her friends at school and showing them how to do something I really love.

quilting lessons for kids

There were three groups of 6 children who were all about 4 or 5 years of age so it had to be kept fairly simple so that it kept them interested. I decided that the best thing to do would be some quilting and make up a few little dolly quilts for them to actually use at the preschool afterwards. We started by cutting out matching sized squares of paper as the pattern template for them to then pin to the fabric and cut out.

sewing lessons for kids

They used their little scissors and cut away which is quite a task for a 4/5 year old to do with kiddy scissors (i.e. not very sharp). As it was to be made into a quilt we didn’t have to worry too much about how straight it was cut as long as the sewing party was fairly straight.

start sewing young

The kids removed all the pins and put them back in the pin cushions and then decided which colour squares would go next to each other. I explained about my sewing machine as I sewed them together and then taught them to finger press the seams open.

sewing with preschoolers

Someone was so happy and proud to have me there which was so sweet. She sat on my lap for lots of the sewing and we all talked about lots of different sewing things that came up like how I was using a foot pedal to make the sewing machine work like in a car but I didn’t need a driving licence to “drive” my sewing machine. We talked about who’s mum or grandma sewed and it was really interesting that some of the boys in the class took the most interest in the sewing experience.

teaching kids to quilt

We talked about how all their clothes were sewn together and that you can also sew by hand with a needle and thread or with a sewing machine. After chatting away with 2 groups of kids I was slowly running out of puff and my little boy who came with me wanted a cuddle and some attention for a bit so we took a short break before the last group of children.

teaching kids to sew

This reminds me of this photo I took of Carrera at my sewing machine when she was only little. She looks quite at home behind there.

quilting for kids

Everyone was getting hungry by this stage and I wanted to end the session while they were all still happy so we stopped there. We ended up with 3 dolls sized quilt tops all finished that I then took home and made into dolls quilts for them to keep and use at the centre.

easy dolls quilts

To show some different ways of constructing quilts I used the pillow case method for two of them and then used binding for the edge of the third quilt.

If you want to do a little sewing lesson or demonstration for preschool kids or even older or younger you can always tailor the lesson towards their abilities. Cutting out the squares, finger pressing and making design decisions was enough for this age of children but there are plenty more ways kids can get involved and learn about sewing at any age.

kids thank you card

They made me a little card to say thank you which was so sweet. I’m just sorry I didn’t do it earlier in the year so they have more time to play with the quilts they created.

Are you teaching your kids to sew? What age did you start?

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