Knitted Dress Patterns For Dolls

dolly rainbow dress

In an effort to make more homemade gifts for Christmas I was looking for some knitted Dress Patterns For Dolls and Georgie from Tikki Knits patterns were perfect. Carrera recently got an American Girl sized doll called Journey Girls for her birthday last month so when I saw this pattern called the dolly rainbow dress I knew I was onto a winner.

tikki knits rainbow dress for dolls

I actually purchased a dolly pack of patterns from Tikki Knits. Lots of Georgie’s patterns come in doll sizes and it’s actually a great way to get to know the patterns and see how they are constructed to see if you want to put the adult or kids sizes on your knitting wish list too.

knitted dress pattern

I used some Berry coloured Neon from Bendigo Woollen Mills (which I’ve just noticed is on sale for $2!!!). It is and 8ply multi colour pure wool (100%) which comes in a 50 gram balls (approximately 98m).

georgie hallam dolls patterns

There are different options you can knit for the bottom. I like a bit of a ruffle but when I steamed the dress to block it the ruffle turned into to more of a flare! Still looks cute I think.

american girl knitted dress pattern

Carrera was playing dress ups and came out all dressed up in her pretty skirt so I plaited her hair and made a fuss of her with a little photo shoot of her and her dolly. She’s been needing some extra cuddles lately and loves having her photo taken. Honestly it’s hard to take a bad photo of her. I hope her cute little gap between her front teeth  stays there when her big teeth come through as it’s so cute.

american girl homemade dolls dresses

The Journey Girl doll is the same size (but cheaper) than an American Girl doll. She’s such a great size to make dolls clothes for and I have a few more of Tikki Knits patterns planned that I’ll share with you when I make them.

This dress is coming off her doll now and is going to be wrapped and placed under the Christmas tree which means I can cast on something new!

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