Amineko Crochet Cat

Amineko Crochet Cat

Yippee another long standing UFO is finished. I must admit I started this Amineko crochet cat so long ago I can’t remember. My daughter’s assure me it was in this house so at least it’s been under 2 years! I pulled it out again recently after making the little knitted bunny rabbit as I wanted to finish it for my youngest daughter’s birthday so she had a homemade gift also. Unfortunately pretty much the whole family came down with the worst sickness ever so there was no crafting to be done just caring for demanding hubbies, sick kiddies and endless piles of washing.

making crochet toys

It was on display in my sewing room since November in it’s unfinished state begging me to finish it. All I had left to do were 2 legs and one ear which had gone missing. I had already filled the body, attached the head and two arms so there wasn’t even too much sewing up left to do. The motivation came to me last week and I’m so glad I finally finished her.

Amineko Book

The pattern is from this book “Hello my name is Amineko” and it is full of really cute pictures of different cats. Instructions on how to actually make one aren’t exactly detailed so I wouldn’t advise a real beginner to try one but if you know your way around and have made crochet toys before you should be ok.

crochet toys patterns

Here she is doing a spot of yoga!

The thing I do love about Amineko is that she is so poseable and I suppose that is why the book is full of so many pictures of her in different poses.

Amineko cat face

Her face is very simple and there are options for different eyes which give totally different looks to the cats faces.

crochet black cat

She was made using some Moda Vera Pure Wool in 8ply in black and white. It is hard to see the black yarn at night time so I think this is one of the main reasons she took so long. After the kids go to bed is usually the only time I really get to craft so black projects are not ideal!

cat toys

Anyway she’s finished now and Carrera loves her. She’s already been tested for strength with some serious swinging around and stretching of arms and legs without injury.

crochet cat pattern

Here she is a bit cranky that she was in pieces for so long. Hopefully she’ll forgive me soon.

Have you made an Ameniko crochet cat before? Are you able to crochet or knit black things at night or do you struggle like me?

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