Cap Cake

guys birthday cakes

I love making cakes for my family and my latest cake was this cap cake for my husband’s birthday. Very last minute he decided to invite a few people over so I set to work making this.

Just like his thong cake for his birthday last year, the cake is a chocolate mud cake covered and layered with ganache and then shaped into a cap.

fondant letters

Hubby has a Pittsburgh Pirates baseball cap with the big “P” on the front so I traced that onto some projector plastic and cut it out with scissors, placed it on top of some rolled out fondant to then cut around with a sharp knife.

pirates cap cake

I used my sewing tracing wheel to make the stitch marks for the cap stitching which really makes it look like a real cap. For the areas at the bottom of the cake where the wheel did not fit I used a toothpick to make the final few stitch marks to reach the bottom edge of the cake.

fondant cap cake

I used green for the cap as it’s his favourite colour (not the Pittsburgh Pirates colour) and I was lucky to already have some green fondant mixed up.

cake designs for guys

I love making a fuss of him for his birthday, he deserves it. If you’re after some other cake ideas for guys I’ve made a few before – remote control, BBQ and a turntable (record player).

baseball cap cake

Hopefully I will get to make a few more cakes this year as I do love it. It’s getting easier as the kids get older but I do find it harder to make cakes while they are around. They love to “help” which means they are making a big mess of fondant while I’m cake decorating. It’s sometimes easier to do it late at night when they are asleep although the problem with that is it’s harder to see the cake details at night. Maybe it will be easier for me this year with three of my four at school. Only time will tell if Z boy misses his sisters too much or if he loves being the centre of attention!

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