Gelicious Gel Nail Polish

Gelicious gel nail polish

I grew up surrounded by makeup, fashion and personal appearance so it’s no surprise that I like to feel well groomed and I really feel polished when I wear nail polish. As a busy mum of 4 children under 9 and no family living nearby it is not often I get to go and have time to get my nails done and the like. For this reason alone Gelicious gel nail polish is a lifesaver for me.

fluro gel nail polish

For me the three main benefits of using a gel polish are the very quick drying time, the shine and it actually protects my nails and makes them stronger and less likely to break. I choose to have shortish nails but they are strong and could easily grow them longer now if I wanted.

gel nail lamp

It’s so super easy for me to get a professional gel manicure at home any time of the day or night I like. My husband did some work last year for the Australian company Gelicious and needed to understand the process and the look of the hybrid gel polish once applied so was kindly given a lamp and a few colours for me to try out. Can I just say how much I love it! …. I love it!!! I’ve also had so many comments on my nails that I had to share it with you all.

continental knitting style

I have since purchased a wider variety of  colours and definitely have some favourites too. The above colour is called Princess Fiona (just looking at their site now I think the name of this one has changed to Princess and the Pea). It’s great to polish my nails and have them dry in 60 seconds (each coat) under the LED lamp and have my hands ready to photograph craft projects for my blog. With regular nail polish I always found that it would take so long to dry that I’d usually smudge it and it only ever really lasted a day or two.

strawberry gelato gelicious

With the Gelicious gel nail polish I find that it lasts well over a week in pretty perfect condition. If you compare the cost of a bottle of Gelicious to $50 at a salon and then a babysitter to look after the kids it’s cheap. Plus if you do chip one nail you can easily repair it without even leaving home.

gel nailpolish

There are 56 colours available from reds to fluro and pastels to sparkles with everything in between. Check out their full colour range here. They are add new ones too and often put it out to vote which colours customers would like available. The hybrid gel polish has the most gorgeous shine that is pretty impossible to achieve with regular nail polish and it’s not chunky like a salon acrylic manicure.

home manicures

There are some nice natural colours as well if you don’t like the bright statement colours.

removing gel nail polish

Like all gels the only downside is that it is harder to remove but not impossible.  All you have to do is have some patience and soak your fingers in nail polish remover or use these specifically designed foil remover wraps which have a cotton pad underneath that you soak in nail polish remover and then wrap the foil around you finger and wait for 10 minutes when it scratches off.

hit the gym red gel polish

One of my favourite colours is this red which is such a great shade, it’s called Hit the Gym.

gel nail polish

I have tried other cheaper brands of gel polish with my lamp but the quality was not as good and didn’t go on well and or chipped off quickly. Gelicious is worth every cent and they often have deals on if you are buying a few colours. Plus there is a 100% money back guarantee for 30 days. If you want some more information about Gelicious then check out their blog here.

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