Chocolate Game

chocolate game

The Chocolate Game! Do you remember this? The first time I played it was back in my days as a teenage girl in Girl’s Brigade. I remembered it last year and have used it at the last couple of parties as a fun game to play.

chocolate game supplies

All you need it a block of chocolate, knife and fork, some dice and dress up clothes like hats/scarfs/sunglasses etc.

roll the dice

Get everyone to sit in a circle and roll the dice. When someone finally rolls a six they get up and go to the table where the chocolate is on a cutting board or plate with the knife and fork beside it.

great party games

They have to put on all the dress up items before they can use the knife and fork to cut the chocolate and eat a “piece” at a time. It is even harder to cut if the chocolate has been in the fridge before you play the game.

chocolate party game

Use as many or as little dress ups as you like and the wackier the clothing and accessories the better. Adult sized items look funnier on the kids too. You can see my spiral scarf put to good use here.

party game ideas

It really was such a scream to play. I still have people telling me how fun this game was just the other day so I thought I’d share it on the blog. Maybe you played it as a child and had forgotten about it too. Pass the parcel is so boring these days with everyone having to have a prize in each layer of wrapping that it’s fun to mix it up with some new games.

Do you remember playing the chocolate game as a kid?

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