Dolly Cardigan

knitted dolly cardigan

Here is another little knitted dolly cardigan using a Tikki Knits pattern called  dolly olearia.  It really is a cute little cardigan.

Morris & Sons Quartet

This time I used one ball of Morris & Sons Quartet 8ply which is 70% wool and 30% soybean silk fibre which gives it a fluffiness. I do love this yarn and have used it before for a few spiral scarfs (here and here).

Dolly Oleria

I’m gifting this cardigan to the little sister of the last knitted doll cardigan I made. I was trying to finish this as a Christmas gift along with the other cardigan as they both own American Girl dolls.

handmade dolls clothes

Knitted dolls clothes are a great gift for kids that have dolls that they love. I hope she loves it as much as her sister loved hers.

knitted doll cardigan

I’m not sure what colour hair she has but it looks pretty on a blonde doll. I may not have finished it for Christmas but I did finish it! I seem to be getting places with all my UFO’s this year, just hope I can keep it up.

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