Easter Planter Gift

easter planter gift

Are you looking for a cute homemade Easter gift for a friend or teacher? This is a sweet idea that the kids could even make themselves. I know easter is still a few weeks away but it will be here before you know it plus it will save you some last minute rushing around (which is what I usually end up doing!) if you plan ahead now.

paper mache planter

Using a few simple supplies which you can find at your local craft store you can make this Easter spring planter. Simply paint a paper mache flower pot in a terracotta coloured paint and allow to dry. I used Jo Sonja’s “Red Earth” to get a great flower pot colour.

grass paper punch

For the grass I used a Martha Stewart grass punch but making grass by using scissors and cardboard and cutting lots of small, short little lines to look like grass could be just as effective.

daffodil paper craft

Then cut out a daffodil petal shape big enough to fit a cupcake case in the centre. Using two yellow cupcake cases turn one inside out and glue it inside the other case then glue it to the centre of your cut out petals. Squash the top of a pretty paper straw flat to give you a good surface to glue your daffodil flower to the top.

speckled easter eggs

Place the cardboard grass around the inside of your pot and you can use blu-tak at the bottom of the pot to stick the daffodil straw into so that it stands up straight. Add a bit of tissue paper to the bottom of the pot if you don’t want to use too many chocolates and then fill the pot with speckled easter eggs, chocolate bunnies or whatever Easter treat you prefer.

easter spring planter

Finally tie a bow around the paper mache flower pot and your spring Easter planter gift is complete. You could also use a real plant pot if you prefer and it would look pretty wrapped up in cellophane to help with transporting so all the eggs don’t fall out.

Who do you share easter gifts with? Teachers/close friends or do you just keep it for the kids?

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