Giant Doughnut Cake

giant doughnut cake

I had a birthday in March and having a birthday means having cake. This giant doughnut cake was baked a while ago and sitting in my deep freeze waiting to be decorated. When I realised that I would be making my own birthday cake with limited time I was happy to remember that this was in my deep freezer. Baked cakes can freeze really well and it’s a great way to have a cake ready to decorate at a moments notice. A cake decorator friend of mine told me that she always has a spare cake in her freezer just for this reason.

simple birthday cake ideas

The cake was made by using a large ring baking pan that I had and baking two cakes using the same pan. Then the cakes were placed on top of each other to form a doughnut shape. I used buttercream in the middle and then some on top to smooth out the top of the cake and to help the rolled fondant stick. I decided it looked better without the icing sticking all the way down at the bottom so that it sort of looks like it is dripping off.

doughnut cake

This is a really simple design that is pretty easy to pull of and great if you are time poor but want a cake that still looks great.

I’ve made some other similar cakes like the cake that looks like a piece of cake, a giant cupcake and ice-cream cake which are all pretty quick and easy cakes to make too.

Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me….

Do you make your own birthday cake usually?

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