Knitted Lace Cardigan

knitted lace cardigan

In the interest of advancing my knitting skills every time I knit something I try to challenge myself to something that I have never done before. I have only knitted a couple a pretty simple items with lace, including a Debbie Bliss lace shrug in a child size 4 and then the little pieces of lace in the granny’s favourite cardigan I knitted my eldest daughter. This time the challenge was to knit a more complicated lace cardigan for myself.

learning lace knitting

The pattern I chose was a really interesting one called Steffi by Louisa Harding and uses some of her yarn called Mila which is made up of 91% cotton and then has a lovely sparkle (9% metallic) to it that is not scratchy like some can be. It is an Aran or 10ply yarn so it knits up pretty quickly too.

knitpro circular needles

It slips off beautifully on my Knitpro interchangeable circular knitting needles and doesn’t split at all which is great for when you’re doing lace work. I find nothing more annoying than a splitty yarn.

sparkly lace cardigan

The fun part about this pattern is that after every 8 rows of the lace pattern section you change to a gorgeous new colour. I love how bright and cheery the colours look together and it really keeps the project interesting which is probably why I’m knitting it very quickly too. At night I keep thinking “ohh I’ll finish just after this colour section” so it pushes me to do more than I may normally before going to bed.

louisa harding mila yarn

Can’t wait to finish it and I was going gung-ho with only three colours to go but I didn’t quite finish it before we went away on holiday. If you follow me on Instagram you’d know that we just had our first overseas family holiday and went to Fiji for 7 days (that’s why it’s been a bit quiet on the blog last week). We got back very early in the morning yesterday and I’ve been trying to get back into the swing of everything. Hopefully I can finish this knitted lace cardigan soon (including blocking and sewing in ends) and share some picture of the finished item with you next week. I didn’t bring it away with me as I knew that I wouldn’t get much time with 4 little kids to look after, otherwise it would have been finished by now.

I’m just downloading all the holiday pictures today too so hopefully I’ll have a few fun ones and some stories to share with you later.

Hope you’re having a great Monday!


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