Mend it Monday ( #menditmonday )


At the start of the year I devised a plan to motivate me (and hopefully others) to attack the mend it pile. With most crafters the temptation to start a new project is very great but there seemed to always be a large pile of clothes, toys and other items that needed some fixing. Mostly they were not too complicated things to fix and just needed a button sewed back on…

mend it monday

….a bit of hand sewing here


….stitching a seam there


and darning a hole back together here. In fact come to think of it even glueing things back together would count!

Here are few toys that needed some repair…


This is an oversized doll that I bought and then turned her into a mermaid for my daughter’s mermaid bedroom theme (about 7 years ago now!). I embroidered shells for her bra and covered her legs in pretty sparkly scale like fabric to look like a mermaid tail. Her shells were coming off and the seam on her tail needed repairing. She also had issues with her belly button that needed some fixing.


This was my week 5 of Mend it Monday, a tortoise that my mum made our eldest daughter. It was from a very old pattern from Women’s Weekly many many years ago. Her shell is made up of yo-yo’s but they were in need of some hand sewing repair.


I fixed this gorgeous Mamamor dolls neck ( that I bought back in 2011 to help me in explaining our home birth to our 3 daughters. She comes with a baby that she “breastfeeds” (snaps sewn on the baby’s mouth and mother’s breasts). She can also “birth” her baby which hides in her tummy and comes complete with her own placenta which also uses snaps to attach to the baby’s belly button. Unfortunately the stuffing shifted from her neck and her head was flopping around badly so I unpicked the back of her neck and inserted some more stuffing into her neck and a bit more on the top of her shoulders. Then I had sewed her seam back up and she is as good as new!


For 12 weeks I have been sharing my “Mend it Monday” projects over on Instagram and Facebook and I will continue to fix something every week this year. Hopefully you are now reminded about the clothes and toys that need fixing at your place and you’ll join me in mending something every Monday.

If you want to join in today or any Monday please post a picture on Facebook or Instagram of what you’ve fixed using the tag #menditmonday and let’s help each other get them fixed!

What is in your mend it pile?


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