4 Year Blogging Anniversary

Crafts mum ship

Is it called a Blogaversary?

craftsmumships first blog design

Well it’s 4 years since I launched Craftsmumship back in April 2010, a time when I only had 3 daughters. Now I have a little son added to the mix and have moved out of the big smoke to an acreage north of Sydney. One thing that hasn’t changed is my love for craft and to celebrate my blogaversary this crafty mum blog has had a makeover.

This is what my first blog design looked like and what my business cards still look like (must update them before my ProBlogger conference this year).

Craftsmumship stitched logo

More of you would be familiar with my white stitched logo on the teal background (can you guess what is my favourite colour?) which we launched back in 2011 and has done me well.



As most of you are viewing Craftsmumship on an iPad or mobile device it was time for a responsive site (one that provides an optimal viewing experience). I felt it was time for a new logo as well and I’m loving this one that the lovely Caroline Annear designed for me. Hopefully now it is a little easier for you all to read seeing as it is a made up word! And yes there is an ‘S’ in there as you’ll find more than one craft on these pages.

I love blogging and have really enjoyed sharing my crafts with you all over the last 4 years. It’s been so rewarding to see my little blog grow and looking back to see what I have achieved.

To those of you who have left me lovely comments on the blog over the years I sincerely thank you. This is what helps me grow and I hope you continue to share, like and comment on my posts so I know that you’re there.

So speak to me. There may be some tweaking as with any new site but what do you think?

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