Easter Table

Easter Table

I hope you all had a fantastic Easter. We had a nice relaxing time at home with just the 6 of us.

With all the Easter craft, hat parade hats and bunnies making a big mess around the house we decided to make an Easter table that the kids could decorate themselves this year.

All the rabbits were gathered up and placed on the low table we have between our dinning room and kitchen. It’s the perfect height that the kids could reach to assemble the items themselves and then for them to actually be able to see the table over Easter.

pom pom chrysanthemums

My contribution were these gorgeous pom pom chrysanthemums I noticed at the shops. Very cute and like I mentioned in my last post I think they look like little fluffy  bunny tails except they are yellow ones!

homemade easter banner

We cut up some manilla folders into squares and then I outlined the letters to spell Easter before giving a couple to each of the girls to colour in their own way.  Punch a hole in each top corner and thread through some baking twine and voila we have a homemade Easter sign.

easter rabbit collection

This is our favourite bunny at the moment a cute grassy one I found recently at Bunnings.

easter hat parade

The girls had somewhere to put their Easter bonnet hats that they made at school and no Easter table is complete without some eggs.

Easter 2014

This is my favourite picture from Easter Sunday morning after the kids found all the eggs around the garden that the Easter bunny had left. It’s like a Santa photo for me. I take a picture of them together every year at Easter and I love looking back to see how they have changed and grown.

Did you have an Easter table this year?


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