Knitted Doughnuts

knitted doughnuts

I’ve mentioned before that my kids love to play shops and playing cake shops / tea parties is a real favourite. We have a few wooden birthday cakes, pastries and chocolates that they use so when I found this knitted doughnuts pattern inside the book Knitted Cakes – 20 to make by Susan Penny I knew that I wanted to make some for the kids to play with. Don’t they look yummy?

pretend knitted doughnuts

For Christmas we gave the kids a new little table and chair set and it is often set up as a restaurant with the kids being the waiters and chefs. Today we used the table for our little tea party shop. Little Z loves to pretend to make coffee and tea and then tell me to be careful as it’s “berry hot”. Doughnuts go perfectly with tea and coffee so we set them up on a pretty plate to play our pretend game.

20cm circular knitting needles

Using some Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino from the stash (the pinks were left over from this crochet african flower cushion) I enjoyed having a perfect project to use my new 20cm fixed circular knitting needles. They are great for using when you have some small circumference knitting to do and I found them much easier than double pointed needles which can be awkward and hard to make even stitches sometimes. I have a few sizes of these Addi brand needles now and found them all on ebay after seeing Georgie Hallam (of Tikki Knits) use some at The Craft Sessions retreat last year.

knitted toy food

It’s school holidays here in NSW so there is lots of playtime which the boy is very happy about. He really misses his sisters now that all three of them are at school.

kids pretend cake shop

The sprinkles are bugle beads which I found at Spotlight and I really tried my best to sew them on securely.

These doughnuts would have looked cute on the table next to the giant doughnut birthday cake I made for my birthday recently! I think there is a bit of theme going on at the moment. The more food the better for their little kitchen play area and I plan to fill their little kitchen cupboards with lots of goodies for more imaginative play.

knitted play food

These doughnuts would be a cute gift for a little friend all packaged up in a clear topped cake box or even wrapped up with the bow on the top of another present as an added gift.

doughnuts with sprinkles

If you are looking for a free pattern then Susan’s knitted cupcake pattern looks cute as well and is available on her website here for free. I might have to give that one a try to add to our cake shop.

Are you enjoying school holidays? I love the not rushing around to be on time part but hate the mess and constant complaints of I’m hungry. I mean seriously didn’t these doughnuts fill them up!

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