Lace Cardigan

lace cardigan

You may remember I shared with you a few weeks ago a knitted lace cardigan I was making for myself. I was so close to finishing this for our first overseas holiday but didn’t quite make it. It’s all finished and blocked now and even the button has been sewn on. This is my ta-da moment!

Louisa Harding Mila yarn

The yarn was Louisa Harding Mila which is cotton with a sparkly metallic running through it which I don’t find it at all scratchy like some metallics. The colours are so bright and cheery you couldn’t possibly wear this cardigan and be unhappy!

colourful lace knitting

The pattern is called Steffi and is also by Louisa Harding and it is basically three lengths of lace knitting sewn together to form a cardigan.

quick lace cardigan

You can find the Ravelry details here. I really enjoyed this project with all the colour changes it never got boring and now that I feel more confident sewing in ends that didn’t bother me either.

knitted lace cardigan

The colours work really well together and it fits perfectly. Love it!

Besides the enjoyment of finishing a project I am so excited to be able to start another big one! haha I’m just finding it hard to decide with so many knitting projects on my wish list. I forget who was next in line for something too!

How do you decided what to knit next. Necessity? Who asks you the most? What yarn you have already in your stash? Or is it just whatever you feel like knitting comes next?

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