Tea Party Cake

Tea party cake

I had a cake order for a tea party cake last weekend with the colours of pink and white and not wanting it to be exactly the same as my last teapot cake which was also pink this is what I came up with. As with my knitting I’ve tried a few new techniques this time in the interest of learning more cake decorating skills.

brush embroidery icing

The main technique I tried this time was royal icing brush embroidery. I have only done this once before on a couple of cupcakes and I loved the look so was excited to try it on a larger scale. Basically you use an icing bag with a fine tip and fill it with royal icing that is not too runny. You want the icing to sit where you have piped it without running and dripping down the cake. Pipe the outline of a flower on top of the fondant covered cake. Then you take a fine paintbrush and dampen it by dipping it into a small container of water and then wiping off the excess onto a tea towel or paper towel. Use the damp paintbrush to drag your royal icing that you piped out into the centre to create the look of embroidery. If you are doing flowers that have several layers of petals then do the outer layers first and then pipe out the inner flower and repeat the process above. Before the royal icing dried I added some pearly white dragees to the centre.

icing cookies

The little fondant cookies were made with a plunger cookie cutter I found and then I added some deep pink flowers to pretty up the cake board as well.

flexible lace

The edible lace with Katie’s name on it was made with some SugarVeil. This was my first experiment with edible lace and I love the look of it. Just be sure to allow enough time for it to dry as I didn’t realise it needed 8 hours so hadn’t quite factored that in to my design at the beginning.

2D teapot cake

Uses for Washi tape #567!! Yes I discovered another fantastic use for washi tape. I didn’t have the right colour pink ribbon for the edge of the cake board and washi tape was perfect for this. I will definitely be using it again for the sides of my cake boards.

teapot cake

The party girl loved her cake and party and it was especially nice to be able to stay at the party and help out, take lots of photos and see the looks on the kids faces when she cut the cake.

Have you tried brush embroidery before on cakes or biscuits?

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