Toddler Boy Pyjamas

Toddler boy pyjamas

If you’re looking for some instant sewing satisfaction then making some toddler boy pyjamas is a perfect quick project.


I’ve used this monkey fabric before in pink to make a pair of pyjamas for my eldest daughter 2 years ago now and she still wears them. I was trying to tell her it was time to pass them down to her sister but she wouldn’t hear of it claiming they were her favourite pyjama pants ever and they still fit her (they are more like 3/4 pants now she’s grown so much taller). They are such a favourite as the flannelette fabric becomes so soft, warm and cosy the longer you have them and the more you wash them. Even more special if Mum makes them for you apparently.

homemade pjs waistband

She noticed that the background monkeys on the fabric do fade out a bit over time and she wants a blue pair as well now. For these pyjamas I put two button holes either side of the middle front seam to enable me to thread a cord through on top of the elastic so that they can be made a bit tighter if needs be.

homemade pjs

They would look cute with a little matching blue tshirt with an enlarged monkey face on them to match the pants done in appliqué if you have time. I did think about doing that last time with the pink pair but never got around to it.

I didn’t really use a pattern again but just modified one I had as is used 4 separate panels sewn together and I didn’t want an unnessesary seam down the side. I think they look better with the pattern not being broken up with a seam. If you have a pair of existing pyjama pants that fit it’s pretty easy to copy them by laying them out on top of your fabric and making sure you allow enough extra for sewing seams up.

home sewn pjs

Spotlight has lots of cute flannel fabric at the moment and it does go on sale from time to time so why not grab some to make pj pants for your kids in their favourite design it’s the perfect rainy weather here for a few pyjama days before school goes back.

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