Handmade Anniversary Cards

Handmade Anniversary Cards

I do love a homemade card and my family know that I really want one on special occassions. Here is a tutorial showing how to make handmade anniversary cards like the one I made for my hubby this year. It’s a love heart card with the heart made out of oven bake clay and decorated it with a few simple items to make a beautiful card.

love heart cutters

To make the heart I used some Sculpey oven bake clay in red for romance. After warming it up by kneading it in your hands roll it out fairly thin and using some cookie cutters cut out a big enough heart shape that you can write in.

initials in love heart

Using a toothpick or bamboo skewer carve out yours and your partner’s initials in the top of the heart just like you used to write it when you were a kid. With your fingers lightly dust off the little bits of clay that are scrapped out while writing the letters so that you have a nice neat heart ready to bake in the oven to set it. Put it on top of some baking paper and bake it in a low oven for 15 minutes and then allow it to cool.

homemade anniversary card

Cut two small pieces of bamboo skewer and then glue the heart and skewers to the front of a blank card so that it looks like an arrow going through the heart. Decorate the top and bottom skewers with pieces of thin cardboard cut into arrow shapes and then glue them on to the top of the bamboo skewers.

If you’re looking for more card ideas here is the link to another anniversary card I made in 2011 using a fun paper quilting technique.

All that is left to do is to write a special heart felt message inside your homemade card and give it to your loved one. Do you like giving or receiving handmade cards for special occasions?

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