Milo May 2014

Little Plum Yarn - Moody

I must concede defeat, I will not finish my knitted Milo by the end of May (tonight) to be part of the official Milo May 2014 Group ( #milomay2014 ).

Little Plum Yarn DK Twist Merino

Life got in the way, in a good way. I did take my Milo away with me on our romantic long weekend away to Queenstown New Zealand in the hopes of finishing it but there wasn’t too much time to knit. No complaints here as we were celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary with 4 days child free and did so much in a short space of time.

One of the Milo May sponsors is Little Plum Yarn and I’m using some of their lovely yarn called Moody in a DK twist merino. It is the most beautiful electric purple colour. I wasn’t sure at first if it was masculine enough to use for my son and I did decide to use it in the end when I held it under his baby blue eyes the purple made them just pop!

Queenstown Snow in May

I could have knitted more during our road trip but I’m afraid the scenery was just too magical to miss a minute of it.

Milo knitted toddler vest

If you’ve never heard of or knitted a Milo it’s a lovely and versatile vest pattern for kids and babies designed by the very talented Georgie Hallam. To give you an idea of how popular this pattern really is the number of Milo projects on Ravelry as of tonight is -7,885!!! There is a cable section down the front of the vest and you can choose any number of cable designs (included) or even create your own. I’m doing the XOXO cable pattern on mine which is so sweet.

knitting at the airport

I did a fair chunk waiting for 5 hours at the airport. Yes because the rental car needed to be back by midday and our flight was at 4pm we ended up wasting many hours at the airport. I did put my knitting away in my main bag when we checked in the baggage though as I didn’t want to risk having my knitpro carbon fibre (karbonz) needles confiscated.

Did you manage to knit a Milo for May? I heard that one lady made one EVERY DAY in May last year. Wow that is amazing. I couldn’t even finish one. But the intention was there and I’d love to see/hear about your Milo’s if you managed to make some.

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