Noro Mens Scarf

Morio Noro Men's Scarf

It’s been a while between knitting projects for my husband.

Noro Men by Jane Ellison

Sometimes it’s hard to find nice patterns for guys so when I found this Jane Ellis Noro Mens pattern book full of really nice masculine patterns I bought it. Hubby put in a request for the Morio Noro mens scarf a while ago now and I finally got around to making it for him.

diagonal knitting pattern

The really nice thing about this pattern is that there are two versions. One for using the chunky Noro Iro yarn and another using the finer Noro Silk Garden Sock. I was looking online for ages to find a colour of the silk garden sock to make him the thinner version one and I finally found a nice ball whilst visiting Morris & Sons a couple of weeks ago. Before I went to cast on the scarf I double checked with hubby which version he wanted after realising that I already had a ball of Iro left over from the riverbed rib hat that I made for myself in June last year. To my surprise he chose the thicker version so I didn’t argue and started to knit away but it was about 11:30 at night and I wasn’t thinking straight as the pattern just said 200gms of Iro not 2 balls I didn’t think twice until I realised that I was running out of yarn but the scarf wasn’t nearly long enough.

knit pro dreamz needles

A quick online search and luckily I found a supplier in Australia to buy another ball from. Of course I wanted to finish it before our weekend away together so I needed to find one close by and have it express posted to me. It made it to me in time and I finished it one day before we left. Phew! Note to self – not always wise to start rush projects late at night!

I have a couple of sets of knitting needles now as I seemed to always find that the size I needed (when starting projects late at night!) I never had. These Knitpro Dreamz wooden knitting needles were so perfect to use with this yarn. They looked so great together and the yarn held on the needles when I needed it to and slipped off smoothly for easy knitting.

chunky mens knitted scarf

 I have to tackle a big project for my man as this is the second scarf I made him (the last one was a men’s cashmere scarf) and there is a lovely vest in this same pattern book I might have to add to the “to knit” list.

noro iro scarf

It was perfect for him to wear for our chilly visit to Queenstown New Zealand last weekend. I’m still getting back to reality but once I do I’ll try and write a little blog post about our trip in case you’re looking for holiday inspiration.

Noro mens scarf

The diagonal  stitch pattern was really fun to knit and Noro yarn is always enjoyable and never boring with the gorgeous changes in colour. It’s a great motivator as you’re knitting away and think ohh I’ll stop just after the next colour change to see what it looks like and before you know it you’ve done three more colour changes!

What is your favourite Noro yarn? There are so many variations these days. Do you knit more than just scarfs for your partner?

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