Unleash Creative Sydney

Unleash Creative at Central by Brand X

On Sunday I was lucky enough to have a day all to myself to learn and create at the Unleash Creative Sydney event.

When the lovely Magdalena Franco was organising the Sydney event along with her co-host Blog Society she offered some bloggers the opportunity to come to the event and share their experiences online through their blog. I was so excited to be chosen and the event definitely lived up to my expectations of a fantastically creative day.

The event was held at great space I’d never been to before at Central by Brand X at Chippendale. The room is a great shell for any event to deck out the way they want with all the facilities they would need. Coming from a fair way away and being a Sunday (hello train line track work) I decided to drive there but it’s very close and handy to Central Station.

Hello Unleash Creative Sydney

The tables and decorations where so fun, colourful and inviting. We were broken up into 4 groups according to the colour name badge we picket and naturally I chose my favourite colour.

String making with Alex Falkiner

The first of our creative mentors was Alex Falkiner (@alfalky) who taught us how to make string out of strips of scrap fabric. Such a simple yet enjoyable project. I absolutely loved this one and it was such a great session to kick start my creative brain for the day. You could make any thickness, use any fabric, incorporate other threads or embellishments and make this fabulous string with only your hands and some imagination. The finished string could be turned into a necklace, bracelet or even coiled up to make a little basket. This is a craft I will definitely try again and I’m looking forward to showing my daughters too as I think they would love this as much as I did.

Papered thoughts at Unleash Creative

After some yummy morning tea our group met the enthusiastic letter writer and snail mailer Rin Dawson of Papered Thoughts (@paperedthoughts). For this session we were given some plain paper and envelopes to decorate. Using some fantastic supplies like fabric tape, washi tape, stickers, coloured and patterned papers, confetti and lots of double sided tape we set to work making some of our own stationery for some unique and creative letter writing of our own. I grew up writing letters to my grandparents who lived overseas and I wish I was more creative with my letters back then. I must admit being a mum to 4 kids, sports, a blog, being vice president of the P&C etc etc etc there are not enough hours in my day for letter writing. I do however love to make my own cards so I could definitely use some of these ideas for that.

This was a great chatty group where we all seemed to find it quite relaxing cutting up little bits of stickers and paper whilst finding out more about each other. The table started off fairly neat but by the end was a big mess of cuttings and confetti.

Food at Unleash Creative Sydney

Besides the decadent sweet treats for morning and afternoon tea the lunch was delicious. Great salads and fresh sourdough rolls and wraps. The rolls were a bit hard to eat as they were so big but they were so yummy that it didn’t stop us. Check out my instagram feed for a picture of the pretties chocolate eclair I’ve ever seen!

Madeleine Sargent at Unleash Creative

Next we met Madeleine Sargent of Made by Mosey (@madsmosey) who creates the cutest fabric feathers. For this craft we were given a hoop and some fabric to trace out a feather design to stitch with embroidery thread. Using all six strands of the thread proved a bit hard for some to thread onto the tiny needle and this was definitely the quietest group of the day whilst everyone concentrated on keeping their stitching straight and neat. I love a bit of stitching so really enjoyed this session but with only an hour and a half to stitch I only managed to make one and a half feathers so I’ll have to finish them off  and turn them into something like Mads’ example above.

Kirbee Lawler session at Unleash Creative As follow her on Instagram I was really excited to meet our final mentor for the day Kirbee Lawler (@kirbeelawler) who is an illustrator and graphic designer and lover of all things bunny! She has the cutest bunny called Beatrix who is so photogenic.  Seriously if you love all things cute and kitsch (including Blythe) then follow her on instagram. Oh and her sketch a day illustrations are amazing (being an alpaca owner I told her I particularly loved her alpaca drawing a while back). For this session Kirbee created this super cute Woodland papercut template of both a deer and a bunny. Each of us picked which one we wanted to draw and colour for the day and we got to take the other design home with us anyway to do later on. We cut out the design and traced out the shapes on some thick art card and then started to colour and draw to our hearts content. I did get Kirbee to help me with placing my eye and nose in the right spot so that my bunny could look as cute as the one in her template. After colouring and cutting out our animals we used some split pins to turn them into animal paper dolls. It was really interesting to see the range of bunnies and deers created with the same template. Some had top hats, polka dots, green fur and colourful features. I also enjoyed hearing Kirbee tell me first hand the amazing story of how she found a Blythe doll in an op shop for $30! These vintage Blythe dolls are worth thousands.

in an instant photo booth

There was also a fun photo booth by In An Instant Photography where you could go and get a fun picture taken with some funky props. Lots of fun and memories to keep.

Unleash Creative Sydney goodie bags

Speaking of keeping things at the end of the day we were given not 1 but 2 goodie bags to take home full of supplies, discount vouchers and other goodies to create.

It was great to try my hand at a few different crafts that I wouldn’t normally make and to meet some like minded creative people and have an uninterrupted day away from the kids to do what I love. Most people seemed to come on their own but a few people came with a friend which would be fun as well. Unleash creative have run events in Melbourne already however if you’re in Brisbane then get yourself a ticket for the event on the 24th of May. It was such a great success that I’m sure there will be more events in both Melbourne and Sydney again in the future and maybe even some other cities as well so sign up for Unleash Creative’s newsletter to keep up to date with upcoming events. It certainly set my creative soul alight!

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