Knitted Kids Poncho

Knitted Kids Poncho

This is our eldest daughter who is 9 1/2 and as everyone keeps telling me lately she is growing up quickly. Her favourite colour is blue so when I was trying to use up some of my existing wool I decided to use this Murano Bendigo Woollen Mills 100% wool yarn to make a knitted kids poncho for her.

homemade poncho

She had a poncho that my Mum actually knitted her years ago and she loved it but it was getting a bit small for her.

bendigo woollen mills poncho

I thought the massive 200g ball of wool would be plenty but it seems I came up a bit short! I would have preferred to end the poncho with a few more rows of garter stitch to match the top of the poncho and perhaps even make little tassels at the bottom edge. I don’t need another massive 200g ball though so might have to leave it like this.

blue striped poncho

The pattern was just made up by me and once I had enough stitches to fit around her head I did 5 rows of garter stitch and then 10 rows of stocking stitch followed by a purl row to make little ridges every 10 rows. I didn’t want to have to seam the poncho up so knitted it in the round using circular needles in a size 4.00m.

free kids poncho pattern

To get the point at the front and back of the poncho every second row I did a knit front and back on either side of the front centre and back centre so that it formed a nice “V”. With such pretty self striping wool it really didn’t need a complicated pattern.

self striping poncho

This wool can be a little scratchy but it will be worn over clothes and not really next to the skin so should be fine. I love her gorgeous smile and beautiful straight teeth thanks to her braces. She is a wonderful daughter and is a little social butterfly always wanting to see her friends and keep busy so I’m trying to plan ahead with lots of activities in the upcoming school holidays.

There has been a fair bit of knitting lately but I do have a couple of cakes coming up and I’m planning a fun party for our son’s 3rd birthday which is next week! Ahhhh

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