Romantic Weekend in Queenstown


Queenstown 10 year wedding anniversary

My husband and I recently celebrated 10 wonderful years of marriage. We never had much of a honeymoon so he made sure we had a fantastic anniversary by taking me for a romantic weekend in Queenstown New Zealand.

flight to Queenstown New Zealand

We left home very early on Friday morning and spent most of the day getting there. I must admit that when we took off from Sydney airport it felt a bit like my heart was left on the tarmac. It was hard to leave the kids behind and get used to travelling with just my husband Paul. The kids were kindly looked after by my parents and the eldest spent most of the weekend with her best friend so they were all ok but it was difficult at first as it had been such a long time between breaks without them. It is so much less stressful to travel on your own and I really appreciated time on the plane to chat, watch a movie and crochet without having little ones fidgeting around me.

sofitel queenstown

We stayed at the beautiful Sofitel Queenstown and I highly recommend the hotel. The service was exceptional and this was evident before we left by reading all the amazing reviews on TripAdvisor. Make sure you introduce yourself to the General Manager – Vincent.

Shotover Jet Queenstown

There was a 2 hour time difference for us so we were up bright and early ready to tackle the day. Our first adventure was the Shotover Jet. It was so much fun and you definitely get wet so I’m glad I didn’t spend too long on my hair that morning. We couldn’t believe who was on our jet that day, check out the back row! (wink, wink)

Queenstown view from top of Gondola

Afterwards we decided to go straight up on the Skyline Gondola which is the steepest lift in the Southern Hemisphere and takes you all the way to the top of Bob’s Peak.

luge ride queenstown

The weather was changing a bit so we wanted to make sure we went for our Luge ride at the top. They are 3 wheeled carts that you can race around on over a couple of tracks that have tunnels and bumps. I was a bit nervous at first but once I worked it out and realised my husband was teasing me when he said there are no brakes, I was fine and had so much fun. When it started to rain Paul was really excited that he would be able to have a go riding his cart in the rain as well.

Fergburger Queenstown

It got a bit cold and wet up there so after a few goes we came back down the gondola and went for a burger. I’m not talking about any sort of burger, I’m talking about the “FERGBURGER”. Wow is all I can say. Such a cool joint with a great vibe, super friendly staff and you can even have a beer while you’re waiting for your food. Apparently sometimes the wait is over an hour and the line goes out the door and up the street. It’s that good that it’s is so worth the wait. Trust me and try it out. I’ve never seen so many people Facebooking and Instagraming burgers before!

below zero icebar new zealand

After our big lunch we went for a walk around the shops in Queenstown picking up some pressies for the kids. The rain set in a bit so went went and caught a movie together in a cool little cinema in the mall. Don’t think the kids would have like Godzilla!

After a very cozy, yummy dinner at The Cow we took the opportunity to visit some bars and have a few cocktails. This was by far my favourite bar – Below Zero the Ice Bar. You get jackets and gloves from them to wear and you go down into the bar where it is a freezing cold room full of amazing ice sculptures.

below zero ice bar queens town

The cocktails are served in glasses made out of ice which makes them taste amazing. Once you’re finished you can smash your glass and leave. Lots of fun. We may have also visited Cowboy and had a few rides on the mechanical bucking bull. Hillarious! I’m so glad I had the foresight to video it. Not one for early nights we finished the night off with some great music at The Powder Room. Definitely made the most of going out without kids that night. haha

breakfast in Queenstown

It was a bit grey and rainy on the Sunday so we had a lovely sleep in and long late breakfast (with lots of coffee!).

madam woo queenstown

Another lovely day exploring together with my man and then a delicious dinner at Madam Woo which is a Chinese/Malay street food restaurant. The pulled sticky pork hawker rolls were amazing and my ginger Mojito wasn’t bad either!

snowed in drive to the airport

We were due to fly home on the Monday but we woke up to this and it got even thicker going to the airport. Taxi’s were scarce and the flight was initially postponed so we made our way there but knew as we were driving through this that flying out wasn’t looking good. Sure enough all flights were cancelled and after a bit of indecision and mucking around at the airport we realised that unless we wanted to stay another week we had to make our way to Christchurch for some earlier flight options.

My message to you is to always get travel insurance! I heard one guy at the airport cursing himself for forgetting. So we hired a little car and had a six hour road trip to Christchurch from Queenstown. I was worried at first as even the car rental people were saying ooohh I wouldn’t drive, it’s quite a dangerous drive especially through Lindis Pass.

Lindis pass new zealand

This is Lindis pass and you know what? It wasn’t that bad. After getting through here I was able to relax a bit more and enjoy chatting time with my hubby. Quite different to long trips in the car with the kids fighting over the music, complaining and just like in the movies saying “are we there yet?” over and over and over again.

pebbles at lake pukaki

The scenery was breathtaking on our extra adventure. We loved Lake Pukaki with the beautiful pebble beach and the stunningly beautiful blue of the glacial lake.

lake pukaki new zealand

Driving through to Lake Tekapo was so pretty and was about half way and so we stayed overnight there. We decided that we needed a break after hubby got a speeding fine. Hmmmm Probably because I was distracting him by singing along loudly to the girls favourite song on the radio! It was an expensive extra day. The next day we were up early and before we knew it at the airport waiting to fly home to the kids.

my fluffy alpaca

This was another sweet anniversary gift from my hubby. I love my alpacas but they don’t let you cuddle them much so now I have my very own cuddly alpaca. Hubby was very sweet and surprised me after I noticed it in a shop. He asked the hotel to go and pick it up for him and had it delivered to our room so that when we came back to the hotel the room was all made up, bed turned down and my fluffy alpaca was waiting on the bed. He’s a keeper my guy. Looking forward to many, many more happy adventures and years together.

I’m so glad we were able to get away and I loved New Zealand. Plenty of time for just the two of us to have special time together without any distractions. I did miss the kids but loved my romantic long weekend with my husband.

Did you do something special for your 10 year anniversary?

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