Batman Cupcakes

how to make batman cupcakes

It’s been a big week at our house. Little boy turned the big 3! It’s all about Batman and superhero’s for him so we made some Batman cupcakes to celebrate with.

retro batman

Holy cupcakes Batman!

melting chocolate into batman logo

To make little bats we melted some black Wilton candy melts (chocolate buttons) and then filled a piping bag with the chocolate and using a small tip piped out little bats. They kids helped as I made it easier to get the shapes by drawing out some batman logos on a piece of paper and then I covered the paper with a piece of waxed paper. As the wax paper is see through we could see the shapes beneath to pipe out little black bats easily. This would work with any colour and design you’d like to draw out like hearts, butterflies or even initials. The chocolate set quickly as I have a stone bench top and it’s pretty cold here lately.

chocolate bat

Once dry we lifted them off and placed them on top of our buttermilk cupcakes which we frosted with white icing. I was going to use the flat underside of the bat but everyone said that the super shiny top looked better. It wasn’t my intention and I probably would have flattened out the chocolate a bit better if I knew I was going to use them this way around but they had a great rounded shape to them.

cupcakes for boys

He was old enough to be able to blow out all 3 candles all by himself. Such a beautiful boy, we were so proud of his behaviour on his birthday. He woke up first quite early and was more than happy to wait until all his sisters awoke by themselves and came downstairs before he opened them. After each present he thanked, kissed and hugged the person who had given it to him. Such a little gentleman.

batman logo in chocolate

Life has been so busy and I have a big cake to make for a friend this week so we have decided to have a little party for him in a few weeks time when we are more organised. It’s school holidays for us at the moment too so we didn’t want to be rushing around organising his party with all the kids in tow.

Of course I had a little cry the night before his birthday putting my 2 year old to bed for the last time. He was very concerned to see me upset and it was hard to explain to him why it hurts so much when your last baby isn’t a baby anymore. I’ll always miss that special time and of course I have new stages of their life to enjoy but he was just such an adorable baby. Now I am Mum to a toddler boy which is still a new experience to me after three daughters.

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