Guinea Pig Love

cute guinea pig photos

If you follow me on Instagram you’d know that a few weeks ago we got some new pets. We now have 3 guinea pigs to add to our family zoo and we’ve all come down with a case of guinea pig love.

Guinea Pig Love

The girls each got to pick one they liked but we thought we’d wait for Zenon to get one when he’s a bit older. He just cuddles the girls piggies at the moment and is fine with that.

guinea pig hutch

We found this great house for them on Gumtree which came flat packed and hubby put it together. Yes it’s a bit scratched at the front already as our dog Tsubi scratched and nibbled at the cage trying to get a look in to see what her new friends looked like! We just keep them separated and an eye on her, she mostly just likes to sit and watch them but we make sure the dog is inside when the kids are handling and playing with the guinea pigs.

play time for guinea pigs

A few PVC drain pipes were added to give them a place to hide and play in.

guniea pig pets for little kids

They like to chew on sticks, preferably fruit tree sticks but if you don’t put something in their cage they’ll nibble away at the walls! The girls borrowed some books from their school library to learn all about looking after them. I won’t lie and tell you they always clean their cage, I do it most of the time as it is a bit of a messy business but they do help.


We moved to an acreage to enable the kids to have more pets but of course guinea pigs don’t take up that much space. I love how the kids love animals and are so sweet and gentle with them, I think it makes a lovely human being when they love and respects all animals.

guinea pig cuddles

They make the cutest noises and the girls are really sweet with them, looking after them like they are their little babies.

Guinea pig dress ups

They have also found that they are fun to dress up!

So hit me with your guinea pig advice please. Have you had them before or are you kids hassling for some like ours did for ages.

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