Knitted Dog Jumper

noro dog jumper

Some people might think using Noro yarn for a knitted dog jumper was a bit extravagant but not for our pooch. You see Tsubi our Labradoodle isn’t just a pet, she’s a member of our family and deserves only the best! Unfortunately her hair got a bit too long and started to knot up so instead of tormenting her with the brush (which she hates) we had to give her a haircut. Under all her fluff she’s a skinny little doggy and was feeling the cold.

knit noro accessories

Seeing as it is still the middle on winter she really needed a jumper I cast on the “dog sweater” pattern from this book Knit Noro Accessories. You might recognise the riverbed rib hat on the cover which I made around this time last year. When I purchased the Noro Iro yarn for the hat I purchased the Noro Kogarashi yarn as well so it was sitting in my yarn stash waiting to be made into a pretty little dog jumper for her.

knitted dog jumper

The beautiful colours of this yarn does look very pretty on her. I do love knitting with Noro which is evident if you check out my Ravelry page and see it’s actually my 9th project using Noro yarn. The only problem I found with this yarn was that it doesn’t have much strength. If you pull too hard like I did when using the double pointed needles for the legs and when sewing in the ends the yarn just broke a couple of times so you have to be careful. Like most Noro yarn I’ve worked with before (herehere and here) you’ll find the odd bit of stick and big variations from thick to thin which adds to the homespun look and charm of the yarn and it doesn’t bother me. I did have a couple of knots in the two balls of yarn I used for this project but if you just make sure your colour changes are still flowing it all turns out ok in the end.

woollen dog jumper

The pinks, purples and green of this yarn are so vibrant due to the 51% silk content and the wool in the other 49% will keep her nice and warm. She kind of matches the Noro blankets (blogged here and here) that I have on our sofa during winter and she won’t need to borrow them to snuggle under any more so my legs are going to be warmer too!

small dog jumper

She’s a Daddy’s girl and loves to sit on my best red chair and look out the window waiting for him to come home.

If you’re interested in the details I’ve put them on Ravelry here as I made a few modifications to the pattern to adjust it to her petite shape.

Have you ever knitted for your dog or other pet? Did you used nice wool like I did?

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