Modern Mosaic Cakes

purple mosaic cake design

I promised some more cakes and now that I’m not spoiling the surprise I can share with you the cake I made for a friend’s 30th birthday last weekend.

handpainted cakes

Having made few mosaics in the past  it was really enjoyable for me to make one on a cake. The cake is based on a technique I learnt from the Craftsy course Modern Mosaic Cakes by Allison Kelleher. My friend was having trouble deciding on a cake design and was originally wanting a teapot cake similar to my last one but when I showed her a few pictures and sketched out a design and coloured it in with her favourite colours she changed her mind and decided on a mosaic cake.

modern mosaic cakes

The cake was to celebrate her 30th birthday and had to be transported to the Hunter Valley for a birthday lunch there so we didn’t want to make it too high or difficult to transport. We decided on making two gum paste roses in yellow to sit on the top edge of the cake to make it extra special. The yellow looked beautiful next to all the tones of purple on the cake and when I showed her my beautiful tall black shiny cake stand she agreed that she had to borrow it to sit the cake on for the party.

After cutting the mosaic squares out and then using a sharp razor blade to cut them in half diagonally to make little triangles I then mixed up some colours of gel paste with lemon essence to paint on the triangles and make the colours pop some more and it also added a really lovely watercolour type effect.

mosaic cake

Seeing as it is school holidays I did work on this cake mostly late at night (and in the very early hours of the morning) as it is so much easier to do cake decorating without the added distraction of kids to look after.

The birthday girl sourced a lovely mirrored “3” & “0” to sit on top of the cake near the roses and she sent me a picture of what was left of the cake and there was nothing! That’s the best feedback to know that not only did they love how their cake looked but everyone loved how it tasted too.

yellow gumpaste roses

The roses were really enjoyable to make and I was really happy with the results being my first time making them. Everyone at home is glad to have the kitchen back though as I do take over and end up pulling out all my cake decorating boxes looking for different tools. This was luckily much easier than usual as I actually had a big clean up of my cake decorating cupboard a few weeks ago.

purple mosaic cake design

There are so many options to personalise this cake like different colours, assembling the triangles to make different patterns, adding extra tiers, different sized triangles (smaller or larger mosaics) and changing the height or shape of the cake. It’s a really great birthday cake design for a special birthday without looking like a wedding cake. I look forward to making one again.

So glad you liked it Jodie – Happy 30th Birthday!


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