Superhero Party Invitations

Superhero party invitations

After deciding on a party theme for a child’s birthday the first important step is to make invitations and send them out. After a bit of to and fro with dates we finally picked a day that everyone was around for, there were no other parties on and then picked a time later in the day when netball was finished. It just so happened that netball was cancelled due to the rain but when you’re picking a date for a party you don’t know that’s going to happen. I didn’t want to do the batman logo typical invite so we decided on a big “POW” starburst postcard which my husband made.

homemade batman party invitations

To make it into a postcard we needed to print it on card stock but Officeworks couldn’t print it on thick enough stock so we ended up printing it on paper and then using some spray adhesive to stick the printed invite onto either side of some cardboard and then carefully using a scalpel cut out the starburst shape.

Batman Party invitations

We used this super cute image from the blog post I did about his homemade batman costume on the other side of the postcard along with the party details. The right hand side is left blank for the address and stamp.

Homemade superhero invitations

I don’ t think I’ve mentioned this before but one thing we always do with our invites is send one to ourselves. We like to know how long it takes to reach people and sometimes if it is an unusual shape like this starburst one we like to make sure it goes through the post. Then when it arrives I keep it and put the copy in the kids memory boxes for them to look at for years to come and remember their parties and invitations. I actually found some old invitations in their memory boxes during the holidays and thought I should share them sometime on the blog. Some of them were back before I had a blog so they have never featured on here before.

Do you love making party invitations? Once they are made and sent I always get excited about the party because it feels like it’s really happening after lots of talking about it.

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