Batman Lolly Boxes

batman party lolly bag ideas

I like to make the lolly bags fun but sometimes when you have a large number of kids at a party you also need something that isn’t too hard to make if you have to create 34 of them!

lolly boxes using silhouette cameo

This is where my new Silhouette Cameo electronic cutting tool has saved the day. I found this cute bat box at the Silhouette online store for 99 cents and knew it would be just perfect for our party as our Batman lolly boxes. The cardboard was purchased from Officeworks and I cut out yellow rectangles to put in the lid of the box so that when the bat is pushed out you can see the yellow cardboard behind.

glue tape

With so many to make I found that it was easier to use a glue tape to give a more direct glue application and so that I didn’t have to wait for it to dry and instead I could just finger pressed the pieces together. 

batman party lolly boxes

The boxes were a good size to fit a few lollies and or toys but not too big that you had to put a lot inside them to make them look full. Some of my friends still have their lolly boxes from previous parties like the lady beetle party lolly boxes and the Hello Kitty felted lolly bags I made. Actually I think my daughters also still have Zenon’s 1st birthday party lolly tins from our Very Hungry Caterpillar party 2 years ago!

batman robin figurine

At our parties the lolly bags or boxes are all lined up on top of my tallboy cabinet along with a little decoration. Its a great cabinet as they are high enough to be out of little ones reach but not too high that they can’t be seen. The fact that it’s right by the front door means they are easy to remember to hand out when you’re saying goodbye to guests as well. We put these Batman and Robin figurines on top of a small white cake stand next to the lolly bags.

bat lolly boxes

So funny, while I was making these boxes up I found my little boy hiding under a table eating freddo frogs that were meant to be for the lolly boxes. He’d worked out how to open them up himself which was amazing. His sisters were not impressed when they counted 4 wrappers and exclaimed that it wasn’t fair so I’m afraid we all shared the rest of the packet and I went and bought some more for the lolly boxes the next day. I suppose he though he was helping for his party!

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