Batman Party

batman party decorations

Hope you all enjoyed a Batman post a day last week?  I don’t know about you but I needed a break as I was going a bit batty but now I’m ready to share with you the Batman party wrap up with all the details.

So this was our Batman party dessert table which was lots of fun to create. Parties are one of my favourite ways to be creative as it combines lots of my crafty loves like baking, sewing and decorating.

dessert table for boys batman party

The table was filled with yummy treats like bat cupcakes, yellow and blue jelly beans in apothecary jars, blue and yellow chocolate balls, yellow marshmallows, decorated cookies, superhero lollies (more about them next) and of course the Batman cake.

I found some new plastic bins at the $2 shop and used them at the back of the party table to add some height and interest to the party table. After turning them upside down I used a hot glue gun to glue a pate to them so that the plate didn’t fall off when the kids tried to grab a cupcake. The cupcakes had little yellow bats which were made using some of the leftover cookie royal icing and piping out a bat shape on waxed paper similar to the Batman cupcakesI made for Zenon on his actual birthday.

superhero chuppa chups

Using my new Silhouette Cameo I made 30 + batman lolly pops. It took a bit of time to stick all the masks on the chuppa chups and carefully slide the cape with a bat cut out of it up the stick to look like a super hero.

superhero lollies

These were a total hit and the first thing that the kids picked from the table. To get the lolly pops to stand up I put them in a square piece of styrofoam which was covered in bright blue wrapping paper.

superhero decorated cookies

The starburst POW, BOOM & BAM decorated cookies were probably the second favourite and I have a few adult friends who love these too! I kept some cookies and superhero lolly pops aside so that I could restock the table and keep it looking good throughout the party.

Batman party poster

Taking inspiration from the party invitation my husband created this super cute poster of our little Batman wearing his batman costume to hang behind the party dessert table. This is my favourite part of the table design this time. I just love it and really feel it makes the table all come together. The bat streamers looked great draped across the top as well and gave a nice frame to it all.

paper fans party decoratin ideas

These paper fans used to be really hard to find but now they are everywhere and I found mine at the $2 store for around $2. Yes that is amazing, it seems like there is not much at the $2 store for that actual price! We printed out some larger Boom / Bam starbursts and the Pow from the party invitation a lot bigger and then I sticky taped them to the front of the coloured paper fans.

giant balloons

I’ve always wanted some giant balloons at one of our parties and found some in the perfect party colours of yellow, blue and black from a lovely lady named Tiffany that I met at the Confetti Fair who has a business called Bits & Parties. I put them out the front of the house, at the bottom of the stairs and out the back patio to make the whole house look like a party!

fun party games

You can’t have a Batman party without a Batman so I organised one from Super Hero Parties in Sydney. To get the kids outside ready for Batman to make his appearance I pulled out my fantastic rainbow parachute which is such a great game when you have a lot of kids that are all different ages.

parachute game

I purchased this years ago for our rainbow party knowing that it would come in handy at most of our future kids parties and it has.

birthday  batboy

This  is little Zenon’s reaction to Batman coming to his party. Total shock! Although we had told him for weeks that we’d sent the real Batman an invitation to his party and we hoped he could make it. His Godmother kindly edged him along to meet him and he was in such shock all he could really talk about was the fabulous Ninja Turtle toys his god family had just given him! Haha

meeting Batman

Zenon preferred to stand on the sidelines and watch what was going on. I think maybe he was a little scared but not in a bad crying way more in a complete shock kind of way! The other kids loved Batman and having never had an “entertainer” come to one of our parties before it was a welcome relief to have help with 32 children! He played all manner of superhero training games with them….

batman facepainting

…and even painted their faces.

leather look batman masks

Some kids preferred to wear the leather look masks I made.

Batman party cake

He was very funny and when we came inside to sing Happy Birthday to Zenon and get him to cut his cake Batman cried out in pain when the arm on the cake was cut pretending he could feel everything the cake felt as it was a Batman cake.

batman party lolly bag ideas

Finishing off with these lolly boxes as they left everyone had a great time and it was a really fun day for all of us. Even me! Sharing food and fun with friends in our home makes for such special memories. Zenon is still talking about his party 2 weeks later and was totally overwhelmed with all his lovely “boy” presents from his friends.

Do you manage to have fun at your kids parties? It does help if you have someone for the kids or help with the food and makes it less stressful and therefore more enjoyable. I hope this post gives you some inspiration to create your own fabulous party. Please let me know if you’d like more details on anything here.

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