Our New Alpacas

getting more alpacas for our herd

Meet some new members to our family!

We always wanted to have some baby alpacas and seeing as we’re a bit more experienced in acreage life now the time was right to add to our family. Now that the goats have gone we had room for some more alpacas so we went to visit the lovely lady we get our Suri alpacas from to chat about which members would fit well with our herd.

new alpaca arrival

After what seemed like months but was actually only a couple of weeks our new girls were ready to come and live with us. The kids were waiting at the gate for her van to arrive, so excited that the day had finally come.

new alpacas

Everyone was trying to get a glimpse of our girls in the back of the van.

excited kids waiting for our new alpacas

More waiting while we got the van as close as possible to the paddock gate and then fashioned up some extra fencing to steer them in the right direction for when they came out of the van.

male alpacas meeting our new girls

We haven’t even named them properly yet. They came with names already but the kids like to help pick new ones now they are in their forever home.

This is the first older girl meeting our two boys Kush and Oreo. The extra exciting part about our new alpacas is that the two females may be pregnant as well! This one is for sure as she has been “spat off”. This is where a stud male visits the girl and if she spits at him and doesn’t want anything to do with him it usually means she’s pregnant. There was a bit of a spit off with our boys too when they met even though our boys  are not entire anymore (they’ve had the snip!).

our new girls

Our other two new alpacas are this black and white faced mum and her cria (baby alpaca). Isn’t she just the cutest? I love the markings on her face just like her Mama’s. She is still having milk from her mum and is about 4 months old.

our herd of alpacas

They all bolted off together when the new girls arrived which was so sweet. I actually had a little tear in my eye seeing them so happy together as a larger herd.

baby alpaca

Hopefully because our little one is so young she can get used to us being with her and patting her.

patting our new baby alpaca

So far so good.

cutest baby alpaca

Look at that face! Love them so much already. We just need the rain to stop now so I can get down in the paddock with my new gumboots and spend more time getting to know our beautiful new girls.

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