Baked Mini Donut Recipe

mini cinnamon donuts

Do your kids love donuts but you really hate buying the fried Donut King, Krispy Kreme type donuts? They are still a sweet treat and not an everyday food however at least when you make them at home you know what goes into them. I’ve got this yummy baked mini donut recipe for you on my blog today as a downloadable pdf.

mini donut baking pan

I found this silicone mini donut tray on ebay for next to nothing. My only regret was not buying 2 of them as I have to wait for the first 18 to bake before refilling and baking the next batch. These mini donuts are so yummy that I might just have to purchase another one!

cinnamon donuts recipe

Each donut is made with a teaspoon or less of the batter from the mini donut recipe below.

baking mini donuts

The only real trick is to make sure that you don’t cover the centre hole of the tray so that your mini donuts come out in a nice donut shape. If they have a bit of batter covering the donut hole then either use the end of a spoon or your finger to brush away the excess to make a nicer donut shape.

recipe for homemade mini donuts

After they have been baked and then cooled for a while on a wire cooling rack you’re ready to start coating them in the cinnamon sugar. Melt some butter in the microwave and with a pastry brush lightly brush some butter on both sides of the mini donuts. This helps the cinnamon sugar stick to them. You can of course use cinnamon sugar if you have a jar of it already mixed but I just poured some caster sugar in a small bowl and mixed in a teaspoon of ground cinnamon. If you do it this way you can add more or less cinnamon to suit your tastes.

baked mini donut recipe

Place the donuts into the cinnamon sugar mixture and using a teaspoon turn them over in the mixture until they are fully coated.

mini doughnuts recipe

All that is left to do is eat them and let me tell you they didn’t last long when I made them in the school holidays! They were supposed to be for dessert but were all eaten for afternoon tea as the smell of baked donuts wafted through the house their little tummies wouldn’t wait!

Just click on the link to download a pdf of this baked mini donut recipe printable for you print out and keep in your recipe folder for you to make your own yummy donuts.

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