How To Make A Nappy Cake

nappy cake tutorial

At my husband’s work they wanted to get a nappy cake for a client of theirs that had just had a baby boy and he mentioned to them that his wife (me) might like to make it for them. Loving a new creative project and a challenge I said YES!

Nappy Cake Supplies List

Most of the supplies for the cake I purchased from Big W. You can add as many or as few extra presents in the nappy cakes as you like. Not knowing how much I’d need/use this is what I purchased and I pretty much used everything except the cotton pads and earbuds.

How to make a nappy cake

You need something firm to build the cake around so I found an old fabric roll to use as a centre pole to build the nappy cake around. To make it a bit neater I covered the tube with brown paper and then covered the seam with some washi tape.

making a cake out of nappies

I used 96 nappies all up from a box of 108 newborn Huggies nappies.

Place the pole on top of a cake board or a piece of cardboard cut to size (depending on how tight you pack the nappies it could be anywhere between 30 and 40 cms) and then offset 25 nappies on top of each other so that the bottom part (pardon the pun) is towards the outside. Then wrap them around the pole. This is the trickiest part as you sort of need an extra set of hands and the bottom tier is too wide to put an elastic band around like I did on the upper layers.

three tier nappy cake

For the bottom two layers (each tier consisted of two layers of nappies) I used some washi tape to hold each layer of 25 nappies in place. You could use ribbon however I found that some washi tape not only looked better it helped everything stick in place whilst I was placing the nappies around the pole.

Continue for the other two tiers in the same manner as the bottom tier except you can use an elastic band instead of the washi tape if you prefer.

Here is a breakdown of how many nappies I used per layer.

  • Bottom tier consisted of two layers of 25 nappies each
  • Middle tier consisted of two layers of 15 nappies each
  • Top tier consisted of two layers of 8 nappies each.

Total newborn sized nappies used 96

sewing muslin baby wraps

For each of the three tiers I wanted to wrap a present around the nappies to make it neater, include more gifts and give it a better overall “cake” look.

For the bottom tier I used a blanket and for the middle and top tiers I used a muslin baby wrap. I purchased some cute fabric from Spotlight and made my own as I preferred a bigger sized wrap than most of the store bought ones when I had my babies. I was also able to better co-ordinate the fabric and ribbon selection by making my own.

stabilising the nappy cake layers

I wanted the nappy cake to look neat and smooth and as the nappies give a bumpy outside to the cake and each tier is made up of two layers I used some thin cardboard to wrap the muslin baby wrap around. I ironed the baby wraps as well to give a nice flat finish to them. Once again the washi tape came in handy to lightly tape the baby wrap to the cardboard. I actually used some manilla folders and just measured how high two layers of nappies was so that I could cut the cardboard to the right height (so that it covers two layers – which is one tier).

hiding gifts inside the nappy cake

Then I wrapped them around the cake tiers and used some pretty ribbon to hold them in place. I don’t like the idea of lots of pins in a nappy cake for a baby. I know people aren’t really going to let their baby play with the nappy cake but what if when they are taking the cake apart to use the items a pin is accidentally left in a nappy. I just wouldn’t risk it and if you follow my tutorial there isn’t really a need for them. You can still make a lovely neat nappy cake without using pins.

You can then go ahead and tuck extra baby gifts like nail clippers, baby scissors, washcloths, comb and hairbrush in the tops of the layers to make it extra exciting. I still use the same brand baby nail clippers on my big girls!

tutorial to make a nappy cake gift

Lovey thick ribbons hold everything in place perfectly and I added two ribbons to the bottom layer to make a bit of a statement.

The company wanted to add their own present at the top of the cake or you could just make a round card to finish off the top so that you can’t see the tube in the middle. After that we wrapped it up in some cellophane and used the same striped ribbon that was on the bottom tier to tie the cellophane wrapping together at the top.

You could always make one using cloth nappies too if you think the Mum would prefer that and they are very easy to tailor to either a girl or boy baby.

So what do you think of my latest three tier cake? Have you made a nappy cake before or been given one?

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