Knitted Mobius Cowl

Louisa Harding Cowl

I realised that I hadn’t shared pictures or details of my knitted mobius cowl (pattern by Louisa Harding) with you all.

mobius cowl

The mobius twist means the knitting doesn’t sit flat as there is a full 180 degree turn that is actually meant to be there. Have you ever started knitting something in the round and found that you accidentally put a twist in it? Sometimes it’s hard to notice you’ve done it until you’re already a few rows in. I always double/triple check at the end of the first and second rounds to avoid heartache. It wasn’t too hard to knit with the twist, you just need to keep twisting the bulk out of the way whilst you knit.

teal knitted cowl

To me its more of a shawl or even a caplet but Louisa Harding calls this a large cowl. The pattern is called “Chiaro” and I used the recommended Louisa Harding Colline yarn which is 80%cotton and 20% alpaca. The pattern only takes 2 balls and because Colline is 10 ply it knits up quite quickly. The colour I used was called Tiffany (#17) and if you hadn’t noticed it’s my favourite colour.

Chiaro cowl by Louisa Harding

I wore this to The Craft Sessions this year as I so wanted to wear something I had made as most people at the retreat do. Alas I did not have the time to knit myself a fancy lace cardigan although there is always next year. I did get lots of lovely comments on my cowl though and Felicia took a lovely sneaky photo of it which is on her blog here. Speaking of next year, The Craft Sessions dates for next year are out so have a look while you’re over there and mark it in your diary! I’m just super relieved that it’s not on Father’s Day again! Didn’t think I could pull that one off two years in a row.

My mobius cowl is listed on Ravelry here. I can’t believe I have 90 projects on there now! I’m hoping to have 100 finished Ravelry projects by Christmas time. I think I can do that. Only 10 to go, ohh and three that are listed but aren’t finished yet!

Do you use Ravelry? I’d love you to “friend” me over there so I can see what you’ve been knitting too. Have you made any of Louisa Harding’s patterns? I do love her style. I’ve used her Grace silk yarn before for an “In Threes” and this knitted lace cardigan using her Mila yarn. I do love her style.

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