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Lorelei - Craftsmumship - portrait

I was recently interviewed by the lovely One Crafty Mumma blogger Mel for a series she is doing called “Creative Aussies“. It was so much fun as she really asked me some great questions which enabled me to share a bit more about myself. As part of the interview Mel asked for some pictures of where I craft and as I had a sewing/craft room that had never been totally finished or tidied since we moved here it motivated me to finish off my room and really make it a great working space. I love seeing other craft rooms and the ways people store and use things so I thought I’d share a bit more about “My Craft Room” here on the blog.

sewing room ideas

This was a birthday gift to me from my parents one year. Until I rearranged my room recently I didn’t have them up on the wall as I didn’t want to make lots of drill holes until I was sure where they’d live for quite some time. I’m really happy with where they are as my craft room doesn’t have a door and as you walk down the hallway you look straight at them. They are like a big sign that craft goes on in this room. Such a lovely present, I do love my giant scissors.

Ikea Raskog trolley

I’ve noticed quite a few of these Ikea Raskog “kitchen” trolleys in some craft and sewing rooms online and when you get one you’ll know why. Great for keeping your UFO’s (unfinished objects) in so they are there constantly reminding you to finish them. You can also then wheel it around to any room you want to craft in.

craft room storage ideas

Anna Gare has some really lovely kitchen utensils and items that I own and when I noticed this nest of three tins at Myer I  put them on my wish list. Great for storing messy items. I have little scraps of yarn in one, paper crafting items in another and some coloured pens in the third.

craft ribbon storage

This ribbon storage I purchased from Spotlight comes in very handy for both ribbon and washi tape so that you can easily see what you have and actually use it. I used to keep it all in a big plastic tub and everything would unwind an it was hard to find what I needed. Definitely been using the washi tape and ribbon more since it’s been on display in this stand.


I have a whiteboard that from memory we purchased from Officeworks. It’s great for reminding me what I need to do or to brainstorm ideas on. The only problem is when my kids wipe it off and play schools so I make sure I take a photo of what is on there if it is something really important.

Ikea Kallax turquoise shelf

Love, love, love my Kallax shelving unit in high gloss. I actually have two in white at the other end of my room although I wish they were all this colour! This is in an easy access spot so it has all of my special yarn and items I use regularly.

Printspace artwork from the craft sessions

I have lots of pictures and this one is from The Craft Sessions weekend retreat I went to this year. I actually have two “Craft is Joy” posters made by Printspace however my other one is still searching for the perfect frame to hold it.

Blythe Doll

Of course there are toys everywhere and a few pretty Blythe dolls on my shelves.

Typo Hexagon shelves

These hexagon boxes from Typo just had to come home with me one day. Perfect for little nicknacks and inspiration and in two of my favourite colours. I noticed the other day that they do triangle shaped boxes as well now!

craft mum blog inspiration

At the end of every year I do a little collage of some of my best crafts from the year and I’ve printed them out and stuck them on my wall as a reminder of what I’ve actually achieved. They are really great for those days when it seems like you’re going around in circles and not completing anything. I should probably find my laminator and laminate them so they sit flatter against the wall.

Crafsmumship Sewing and Craft Room

This main desk is where a lot happens so I have surrounded myself with colour and inspiration and the Ikea picture shelves allow me to change things around to keep it fresh. I’m one of those people who believes that a change is as good as a holiday (when nearly as good) so I mix it up often trying to find ways for my crafting to look neater but I’m pretty happy with it at the moment. Our dog loves to sit under the table and she can act as a great foot warmer in Winter!

I hope you’ve enjoyed looking around my sewing/craft room. I might share the other half sometime too when it’s not covered in sewing like it is right now. Lots of party preparation going on here at the moment!

Are you lucky enough to have a craft room? I’ve always dreamed about having my own space and feel really blessed to have it.

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