Alice In Wonderland Character Posters

alice in wonderland

We created some fun Alice in Wonderland character posters for our themed party. This one of our Alice was above the party table full of all the food inviting the guests to eat and drink the food. The details of the Alice costume I made can be found here in case you missed that post.

cheshire cat

With four children each of them picked which character they wanted to be. Little miss wanted to be the Cheshire Cat so I made her a costume with a few supplies from Spotlight and she loved acting as a smiling cat all day at the party. I’ll do another post with all the details of how to make your own Cheshire Cat costume for book week or just for a fun fancy dress costume.

queen of hearts

Our eldest daughter wanted to be The Queen of Hearts so I put together this costume by taking up the hem on an old red dress of mine. A few adjustments at the shoulders and a quick and easy costume for her was made. I used a piece of black lace fabric as an overskirt by gathering one edge and sewing it to a ribbon full of hearts so that she could tie it around her waist. She didn’t want a crown so we found this rose left over from Melbourne Cup fascinator making supplies. It was coral in colour instead of red so I used some spray paint to make it a nice bright red colour.

Of course you have to have the funny heart shaped red lipstick if you’re The Queen of Hearts too!

white rabbit - Alice in Wonderland

A white tshirt and light coloured shorts with white bunny ears was the simple costume for our little White Rabbit. His shorts had a homemade white pom pom on the back for his bunny tail. The clock came from the Dollar Store and I know it’s not a pocket watch but was it was a lot cheaper and easier for him to hold.

He was so cute on the day of the party running around saying “I’m late, I’m late!”

Sometimes ideas just come to you when you’re making other things and these posters came about as a bit of a surprise. We were dressing Giselle up in her costume to take her photo for above the party table when the other kids wanted to try their costumes on again too. Then they ended up having a photo as well while my husband had the backdrop set up and he created these fabulous posters for us to decorate the walls for our Alice in Wonderland party.

Very fun aren’t they? If you want to pin any of these images to your Pinterest board for future reference just hover over the photo and a pin it button will appear for you. Sharing is caring!

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