Alice in Wonderland Cheshire Cat Homemade Costume

cheshire cat

This is the Alice In Wonderland Cheshire cat homemade costume I put together for our daughter to wear to her sister’s themed party. With just a few supplies from Spotlight this was whipped up in no time at all. It would make such a fun book week costume too!

painting a cat mask to become a cheshire cat

I found this white cat mask at Spotlight and loved the whiskers on it so I simply painted it with some pink and purple acrylic paints to make it look like the book version of the Cheshire Cat.

cheshire cat mask

It was actually quite fun to paint! There was a slight furry feel to the mask so some areas needed painting over a couple of times to help the purple and pink blend well so that you couldn’t see any of the white underneath.

cat costume book week

Purchasing a small amount of bright pink and purple fur I made arm bands with four stripes.  I left a hole in the side seam so that my daughter could slip her thumb through it to hold them in place.

cheshire cat tail

Then I cut a few more strips and overlocked them together to make a tail. I stuffed the inside of it with some toy stuffing and attached it to a piece of wide elastic with the sewing machine so that it was secured firmly.

cheshire cat purple leggings

For her leggings I found this fun dancing lycra and traced over a pair of her existing leggings so that I knew that they’d fit perfectly.

Simple, quick, cheap and cute cheshire cat costume don’t you think?

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