Alice in Wonderland Invitations

alice in wonderland invitations

This is where Alice’s (or should I say Giselle’s) real Wonderland story began when she looked down the rabbit hole. Originally I was just going to have a cute photo of Giselle in her Alice in Wonderland costume that I made her however my husband had the much better idea of having her looking down the rabbit hole to find the white rabbit.

alice in wonderland

To get the lighting right so that it really looked like she was looking down a rabbit hole I needed to take the photo with her up a ladder outside and make sure the lighting on her face was right to make it look realistic.

invitation to alice in wonderland party

Then my husband photoshopped the photo I took of her over the rabbit hole and created the text using an Alice in Wonderland font he found online. At Officeworks I found some lovely craft coloured card and matching envelopes with a lovely tie at the back to secure them. We printed the picture out and glued it to the front of the card.

alice in wonderland invitation words

Inside a piece of white paper was stuck on with a cute picture of the white rabbit and the details of the tea party and the nonsense that would go on!

alice in wonderland party

I love the finished Alice in Wonderland invitations and couldn’t have wished for anything better. Everyone who received one loved it and was very excited to attend the party.

I’m still editing all the wonderful wonderland photos from the party and hope to have the post up in the next few days. I’m late, I’m late due to power outages and a slow or sometimes non existent internet service!!!

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