Alice in Wonderland Party

Alice In Wonderland Party Table

Here is a picture of the Alice In Wonderland party table I created to celebrate our daughter’s 8th birthday. I was really happy with the way it turned out (except for one tiny detail that I’ll point out later) and it looked fun, bright and inviting.

alice in wonderland pretend book cover

I loved the “Giselle in Wonderland” pretend book like the one I made for her Little Red Riding Hood party 2 years ago. The clock was from the two dollar shop and there were red and white roses all around the table for colour and decoration.

alice in wonderland biscuits

I outsourced the biscuits this time. Although I do love making them (like these ones here, here and here) they are time consuming and with a busy week and a new cookie decorator contact I thought I’d make my life a lot easier and use them. Alicia from Biscuits by Design did a fabulous job don’t you think? There were 4 different designs of biscuits – playing cards, decorative keys, “Eat Me” biscuits and the very special Alice biscuits too. They were delicious as well!

silhouette alice in wonderland decorations

Alice and the white rabbit paper cut outs that I made with my Silhouette machine and a 99 cent design from the Silhouette Design Store and decorated two of the lolly jars.

alice in wonderland cupcakes

I purchased some printed edible Alice in Wonderland cupcake topper designs from eBay which decorated the white chocolate cupcakes with Swiss meringue buttercream on top. I cut out little white fondant circles using a circle cutter and then lightly painted the tops with water and placed the printed design on top of the fondant circles which then sat on top of the cupcakes.

The cut out teapot paper banners were another Silhouette file I purchased and made then taped them around the top of the 2 cupcake stands.

dolly varden alice in wonderland cake

The centrepiece of the table was the Alice in Wonderland dolly varden cake that I shared with you on the blog last week.

eat me drink me alice in wonderland

The table had many other Wonderland decorations like a pretty purple glass bottle with a sign on it saying “Drink Me”, a teapot, oversized teacup and white porcelain rabbit.

wonderland party decorations

I gave our garden mushroom decoration a facelift with a repaint of the red tops and sat it at the bottom of the table.

alice in wonderland flamingo decorations

This fun pink flamingo was found at The Reject Shop and it now lives in our garden post party.

white rabbit party poster

The 4 posters I wrote about here decorated the wall of the party room. Loved them all.

This way that way signs

We had two of these “This way / That way” signs, which my husband kindly made for me, around outside for when people arrived.

mad hatter and tweedle dee tweedle dum costumes

As you saw from the posters all our children dressed up for the party however there were a few more Alice in Wonderland costumes as well. My husband was the Mad Hatter with this fantastic hat with a wig that I found on eBay and then my good friend joined me in being Tweedle Dee / Tweedle Dumb with a couple of matching striped tshirts with some iron on transfers I made using my Silhouette cutting machine.

painting white roses red

There were quite a few kids at the party (read 34!) as we invited some family and long time friends to join in the fun. I was explaining that with 4 children we don’t really do too much adult entertaining so we tend to have big kids parties and then our friends stay (often help me tidy up the party mess) and we then turn it into a bit of an adult party afterwards!

With so many kids I had to keep activities fairly simple. The highlight activity was at a table I set up outside for the kids to paint white fabric roses red just like in the real Alice in Wonderland story. Some other games we played were the parachute game as I purchased a big parachute many years ago and find it fantastic to bring out at parties when there are lots of kids. We also did some sack races which was lots of fun and helped the kids expel a bit of energy outside!

alice in wonderland family photo

It’s become a bit of a tradition that I move the party table out from the wall a bit and our little (read big) family stands behind so we can get some photos of us with the party table.

Cutting the Wonderland Cake

It was such a fun party and really went by in a flash. Before we knew it parents were arriving to collect their kids! The sign of a great party I say.

Mad Hatter's Tea Party

If you’d like any more details about any of the elements we put together for the party then comment below or drop me an email with your question. Alice in Wonderland is such a fun theme and I’d really recommend it to anyone looking for a fun party theme they can personalise and tailor to their own tastes.

alice in wonderland dessert table2

One final photo for you of the party table. The morning of the party went so quickly too that I didn’t have much time to photograph it all once all the food was out. I didn’t even get to do my hair as I was going to do my fast hairstyle of throwing some hot rollers in my air dried hair to pretty it up a bit but they decided to break the morning of the party.

Oh I nearly forgot to tell you the one thing I wasn’t happy about but maybe you can look at the photo and spot the mistake instead! Here’s a hint….. I still can’t find the missing piece! Comment below if you can see what it is.

P.S. While writing this post I’ve actually found another mistake so there are actually 2 for you to look for and comment below now!

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