Alice in Wonderland Cake

dolly varden alice in wonderland cake

Curiouser and curiouser!

This is the Alice in Wonderland cake I made for my daughter’s party. It’s one of my favourite cakes to make – a dolly varden cake and to make it more special it’s not just a regular barbie doll in the cake it’s a Blythe Doll no less.

alice in wonderland cake ideas

You may recognise her as I’ve used the same doll for the mermaid cake I made. She’s a NEO Blythe doll called “Tarts and Tea” and her outfit already consisted of the perfect black Alice bow for her hair.

I covered the main dress part of the cake in some aqua blue rolled fondant and then made a white fondant apron for the front of the dress.

alice in wonderland cake details

Her apron had a matching black edge to the one I made for my daughter’s Alice in Wonderland costume. 8 bullet candles and some red roses decorated the cake board which also had some aqua lace glued to the side edges. I always make sure the edges of my cake boards are decorated as well as it really gives a lovely finish to the whole cake design.

alice in wonderland fondant bow

If you don’t know about Blythe dolls you may be wondering what the ring cord is next to the white fondant bow at the back of Alice’s dress. Blythe dolls have four different sets of coloured eyes that change when you pull this cord that goes into the back of her head. There are two sets of forward facing eyes and then a set that looks to the left and another set that looks to the right. I wrote about Blythe dolls here if you’re interested in finding out more about them.

Blythe doll alice in wonderland

Giselle picked the blue eyes so she looked like her. I found this fun number “8” candle at the cake shop and decided to poke it into her dress so that it looks like she’s holding it. In this picture you can see clearly the aqua fondant I styled on her to make a top with puffy sleeves.

Alice in Wonderland cake homemade

Here is our Alice blowing out her 8 candles on her Alice in Wonderland cake all by herself. She’s not a big cake eater so this was a perfect size for her and there wasn’t too much cake left over.

alice in wonderland cake

I love making dolly varden cakes and when I was looking at the party table I was setting up for our Alice in Wonderland party I realised the table needed some height and a doll cake definitely does that. There are so many possibilities for an Alice in Wonderland party cake that it was hard to decide until I noticed what the table needed. I thought about doing a Mad Hatter hat, the white rabbit or even the mad hatter styled tier cake. A dolly varden cake was the perfect choice for a girly party.

If you’re interested in making your own dolly varden cake I wrote a post a while ago giving instructions on how I do it and you can find that here.

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