Crochet Granny Square Handbag

crochet granny square handbag

I finished this crochet granny square handbag ages ago however it’s taken me forever to photograph and blog it. It’s called the Flower Blossom Purse and is made up of granny squares joined together in a clever way to make a handbag.

crochet noro book

The pattern is from this book Crochet Noro – 30 Dazzling Designs. I haven’t actually made anything from this book  before although I love many of the patterns in it. I’ve made quite a few before from the Knit Noro books, you might remember the riverbed rib hat and the knitted dog jumper.

crochet noro bag

The colours are fairly dark so it was had to get a good photograph still they are colours I wear often so it goes with lots of outfits.

noro crochet handbag

I can’t remember when I started this project as I forgot to list it straight away on Ravelry and then I made a mistake. Yes I’m not claiming to be perfect! In my rush to finish it I accidentally joined the strap the wrong way by attaching the front to the back instead of the front to the front if that makes sense. I tried to live with it that way as I had totally finished it and sewed in the ends (really well!) and everything but the perfectionist in me knew that it would always bother me so I had to take it apart and fix it.

crochet granny square bag

I’m glad I did now though as it wasn’t sitting properly under my arm like it does now. The inside is lined and there is a little pocket as well. I carry around too much “stuff” during the day to use this bag as an everyday bag so it’s more of a outing / date night bag when I only want to take a small wallet, my phone and some lipgloss. It would be a great dancing night out bag as it sits pretty neatly under your arm and you don’t even know it’s there. Not that I really go on those nights out anymore but if I did I’d take this bag!

Do you use a big handbag? Do you like making bags?


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