Crochet Owl Necklace

sweet crochet owl necklace

This little Miss has a birthday very close to Christmas which is always hard. We always give her separate presents and being a crafty mum I always love to give something handmade as well. I managed to make this crochet owl necklace as a handmade present for her this year.

Crochet Modern Vintage pattern book by Panda

She had earmarked the pattern in this book called “Crochet Modern Vintage” by Panda which has 15 fun crochet patterns inside. I might have to make the crochet shorts that are inside this book too, very cute and they would suit her as well.

homemade gift ideas for tweens

The colours go really well with her pom pom shorts and the pattern didn’t take long to make at all. The longest part was finishing it as I realised that I didn’t have an “O” ring the right size (6cms) so I had to buy one online from Studio Mio and wait for it to arrive. Luckily it came really quickly.

homemade owl necklace

The yarn I used was some coral Moda Vera “Beetle” yarn from Spotlight and it doesn’t use very much at all. You also need a tiny bit of brown yarn to embroider the beak and eyes of the owl.

tween crochet necklace

Such a fun tween or teen gift to make. She was very happy when she wore it out to the shops and a lady commented on how lovely her necklace was. She was very proud to say her Mum made it for her.

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