Princess Castle Cake

princess cake

Tada! Here is the princess castle cake that I made for our daughter’s princess party last weekend. A beautiful castle with a gumpaste princess figurine and 3 little bluebirds.

princess party cake

I had two attempts at making the little gumpaste bluebirds as the first ones I made were eaten by my 3 year old. Having stayed up until 1:30am making them I awoke the next morning to my daughter telling me that her brother had wrecked everything I had made the night before! Luckily I had made the birds too big anyway so made smaller ones that turned out sweeter.

princess castle cake

The cake is based on a design by Debbie Brown called Princess Castle from her book “Gorgeous &  Gruesome Cakes for Children”. I decided to use some pretty pearl silver lustre dust over the tops of the castle peaks before I attached them and think they looked prettier all sparkly. The weather was horrid for cake decorating that week so I had to find some creative ways to keep my towers stable!

princess figure for cake

This is only the third figure I’ve done, the first one was 8 years ago so I think I need a bit more practice nonetheless she was kind of cute for a very late night attempt on a very humid night.

pretty princess castle cake

I love finishing off the cake board with a pretty ribbon and this silver one looks so sparkly and pretty. It matched the party tablecloth perfectly.

The actual cake inside was also from Debbie’s book. She calls it “pretty pink raspberry cake” as you add raspberry jelly to the cake batter. The instructions were not clear as to how much jelly/water so I just winged it and it worked. I used one packet of raspberry jelly crystals dissolved into 1 1/4 cups of water. The cake turned out well and it filled two 6 inch cake tins (one 6″ x 4 and the other 6″ x 3) which was plenty to form the main part of the castle.

castle cake

A lovely pretty and girly cake perfect for a princess at her princess party.

Have you made a princess cake before? I remember my mum making me more of a fairy princess cake as a child like the traditional Women’s Weekly ones.

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