Tea Party Lolly Bags

paper teacup lolly bags

Here are the tea party lolly bags I made for our Alice in Wonderland Party. We set up a little Mad Hatter’s tea party with some op shop teacups so it didnt matter too much if any were broken by the kids. Lucky as there were two that went! These lolly bags/ loot bags would be perfect for any type of tea party you may be having. With a few family friends coming to our party along with some school mates I needed to be able to make a treat bag fairly quick and nothing too expensive seeing as I was to make 34 of them!

tea party lolly bags

I found this paper teacup pattern on the Silhouette store for 99 cents a fair while ago and set to work making them all very early. That’s the thing with big parties, you need to do as much as you can in advance so things like making the lolly bags can be done fairly early on as they won’t spoil and you have time for making cakes etc the week of the party.

alice in wonderland themed lolly bags

The cardboard was purchased from Officeworks and then I had some pretty floral paper for the fronts of the cup however I only had one sheet. To solve this problem I scanned the sheet and then printed some more off so that I had enough for all the teacups. The usual lolly suspects were inside with things like a mini box of smarties, starburst lollies, sherbet, a Timeout bar and lollypop.

Just a tip – roll on glue wasn’t strong enough to hold the teacups together so I had to use some craft glue and then hold the edges together with clothes pegs until the glue dried properly.

I’m sure I was meant to have a few left over as I always like to make sure there are enough for sudden extra visitors as well (neighbours kids, siblings etc) however there seemed to be none left at the end of this party. Hmmmmm

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