Australia Day Meat Pie

Australia Day Meat Pie

This is my Mum’s recipe for an Aussie Meat Pie.

My parents always loved a curry and my Dad liked them pretty hot so that didn’t excite me as a kid. Instead of eating their curry my Mum would always make a pie for my brother and I. I do like curry these days but thought it would be fun to make an Australia Day meat pie.

australian meat pie ingredients

The basic ingredients are some rump steak, carrots, potato, onion, pre rolled puff pastry (3 sheets), soy sauce, tomato sauce and some cornflour.

australia day pie crust

So that your pie base isn’t all soggy I pre bake mine in the oven before the filling and top go on. Using a pyrex glass dish rub some butter over over it and then lay one sheet on pastry in the middle. You’ll have four side of the square that you’ll need to cut some extra pieces of pasty to fill in the sides. Join the two pieces by rubbing a bit of water along the two edges that meet so that they stick together. Using a fork prick a few holes in the bottom of the pastry to stop it puffing up out of shape too much and then go around the edge of the dish and imprint the fork prongs around the edge of the dish to stick it down a bit.

fried onions for aussie meat pie

Chop up 1 onion and with some olive oil fry it in a pan until it’s cooked and turns slightly see through.

Cut the potato into cubes and the carrot into thick slices and put them in a microwave proof bowl. Add a little water to the bottom and some glad wrap on top or a microwave proof lid to your bowl if you have one. Cook them for 5 minutes or so on high to get them started nicely.

Cut the fatty edge off the rump steak and then cut the meat into smallish sized cubes. Add the meat to your pan of onions and brown slightly then add a dash of soy sauce and squeeze (all very technical terms I know) of tomato sauce. When the potatoes and carrots are cooked add them to the pan also along with the water. You can add a dash of white wine if you have some also. Turn the heat down and let the ingredients simmer together for a while. The potatoes often thicken up the “gravy/sauce” but if they don’t then mix up a little bit of cornflour with some water in a separate glass and pour into the pan slowly whilst stirring in and you should see it thicken up nicely.

australia map

I found a map of Australia online and printed it out then cut out the basic shape by simplifying some of the curves a bit.

australia pastry map

I then laid the template on top of the sheet of pastry I’d used for the bottom edges and cut it out not forgetting to cut out a little triangle for Tasmania too!

Add the meat and other ingredients into the pie dish with your pre baked base then add the last piece of pastry to the top of the pie and like before use the prongs of a fork to press down around the edge to hold them down and together. Add a few fork holes to the top of the pie pastry as well to enable the air to come out. Using some water stick the Australia shape onto the top of the pie and bake in the oven for 1/2 hr on medium. About 10 minutes before it’s ready pull it out and using a pastry brush wipe some milk over the top of the pastry to brown it.

This pie keeps well and as a kid I thought that it even tasted better the next day!

Enjoy and if you’re Australian have a Happy Australia Day.



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