Eyelet Teddy Bear Dress

eyelet teddy bear dress

This is Teddy. She is my daughter’s favourite toy that she has had since she was 1 day old. The company my husband and I both worked for (that’s how we met) gave it to her and it’s always been very special to her. She has a few other “favourite” toys like the bunny I knitted her but Teddy rules.

As she is now 8 (both Teddy and daughter) she is looking loved so I thought it would be sweet to knit her a little dress.

knitted teddy dress

I came across this knitted Eyelet Teddy Bear Dress a while ago and printed out the pattern to make it sometime. The pattern is free and also comes with a teddy and bunny to knit  along with a hooded jumper, hat and overalls which are all cute and on my knitting list.

knitted teddy bear dress

It doesn’t take long at all to make and the pattern is straight forward and well written. Now that I’ve made one I could make a few variations with colours and stitches to make different dresses for Teddy too.

teddy bear clothes

The yarn was some Moda Vera Beetle from Spotlight as the pattern uses 8ply yarn.

teddy clothes patterns

Sweet hey? Love these two. If you’re looking for more teddy bear knitting I made a mini Kina cardigan which is another free knitting pattern and looks very cute – details here. Funny I used the same fabric backdrop for that post too without even realising it!

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